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Order food at home, but also try to reduce food waste. A new cut in the delivery phenomenon comes from the Regusto app, which, after Rome and Perugia, also arrives in Milan.Thirty local Milanese who have joined the network of the application so far that provides that the locals offer dishes at discounted prices that would risk being wasted. Then there are ad hoc dishes to be offered in the days and times of less crowded, with the effect of reducing waste and guaranteeing customers discounts of 20 to 50% compared to the sale price indicated in the menu.
For their part, users can geolocate and then hunt for offers closer to them. Once you have selected the foods you prefer to eat and the time to collect them, you can pay by credit or debit card directly from the app.The app is only one aspect of Regusto's activity, which also proposes itself as a platform for the public administrations to monitor and digitalize the flow of donations and the recovery of food surpluses of canteens, supermarkets, farms and restaurants towards non-governmental organizations profit. The Municipality of Narni, in the province of Terni, was the first to experiment and believe in the Regusto platform, which it has used for about a year, to allocate food surpluses to those most in need.

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