Fise, Federico Lunghi athlete of the year: blue of the Paralympic dressage


The Italian Equestrian Sports Federation has announced the names for the 2019 Awards, awaiting delivery on 27 January at the Knights' Hall of the A Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Rome.

Athlete of the year, Federico Lunghi, born in 1978, a blue exponent of Paralympic dressage.

The rider from Como represented Italy at the 2018 Tryon World Championships and three European Championships.

Its character is also known outside the field: open, sunny, true sports. His motto, when the race does not go the right way, is "It will get better next time".

But inside the rectangle, he is a gladiator. Feature that has never dulled its sensitivity in the saddle.

Born with Apert syndrome and for this reason introduced into equestrian rehabilitation at a very young age, Lunghi continued his career in the saddle, in show jumping and in complete, as a normal person. His, then, the choice of joining the Paralympic team and moving on to parading, where he transferred all the grit and determination gained over years of competitions in the Olympic disciplines.

Horse riding is for him something more than a sport. It is his lifestyle or, to put it in his words, "a point of contact with the world in all its facets".

The Worldsoul team athlete will then be awarded by the FISE at the third edition of the Grand Gala which this year will donate the proceeds of the evening to the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation, a humanitarian medical organization with a worldwide network of volunteers who will commits to help improve the life and health of thousands of children in over sixty countries of the world with cleft palate.

The president of Worldsoul, Gea Einaudi, a great supporter of the "Federico Lunghi" talent – for his friends "Fedone" – commented on the federal recognition: "Federico is an exceptional athlete who has a purity in himself. And this purity transmits it to horses and those around them. He is always capable of solidarity with his teammates, always ready to show us all the positive side of things and the simplicity of joy. I cannot, therefore, agree with FISE for having identified him as the athlete of the year. "

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