Ferrari, Formula 1 alliance between Mercedes and Red Bull: 2020, bad news for Leclerc and Vettel


Great maneuvers at home Ferrari. The writes the Corriere della Sera on newsstands Tuesday 3 November. Defeated on the track, the Italian team was able on the political table to sign the Pact of Concordia first, securing the biggest slice of income and retaining the right of veto (although weakened). And it is this move to have uncovered the vessel of poisons and to have sanctioned the anti-Cavallino alliance of Mercedes is Red Bull. Low blows, requests for clarification on the solutions used by the opponent, insinuations and pressure on the Fia to increase checks. And it is likely that the slag of this conflict will continue next year. With an alliance between the two giants against ferrari: nothing good, in short, especially in the year in which you want to win the world championship at all costs.

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Then in Maranello they have to settle other issues: reviewing strategies, reducing inconveniences during pit stops.
Finally, the pilots chapter: handling explosive rivalry Vettel-Leclerc. It starts again without hierarchies, but there will come moments in which it will be necessary to fix them to avoid the mistakes of the past. Not only Binotto believes (again) that it is an advantage to have a couple like that. For Emerson Fittipaldi – the Brazilian twice world champion has returned to follow almost all the live GPs -, "two so fast help to raise the technical level pushing each other. Sebastian's experience in developing the machine and the spirit of a young lion of Charles. Ferrari has only to gain ". A little optimism doesn't hurt after a year like this, as long as it's not another illusion.

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