favors the Roma and discriminates against Italians in Emilia Romagna


Bologna, 4 Dec – When self-racism becomes law, so that Italians are discriminated against to favor non-Italians, in this case the nomads. It happens in Emilia Romagna, thanks – even to say it – to a regional law of the PD, which in theory should guarantee nomads "equal treatment" and avoid forms of "discrimination". In reality, however, it is one law that imposes unequal treatment and racial discrimination against Italians. Yes, because in fact the plan put in place in Bologna seems to all intents and purposes a "racial law that discriminates against Italians ”, because it favors the Sinti and the Roma compared to all the others. "A citizen who does not belong to the Sinta or Roma community cannot access the projects reserved for those ethnic groups – he points out Umberto Bosco, municipal councilor of the League – And this is discriminatory ”.

The pro-nomad plan of the Pd

But let's get to the "beautiful thought" of the Democratic Party, as it tells its readers The newspaper. In Bologna to dismantle a large rest area (and all that entails in terms of degradation and safety) for sinti in the Navile district, north of the city, la giunta dem has decided to transfer 30 sinti into two family micro-areas. All according to the same principle as the rest area, ie pitches, mobile homes, shared bathrooms. With the "pious illusion" that degradation can thus be reduced. A move that weighs heavily on taxpayers' pockets: about 300 thousand euros only for public works, to be added to the 900 thousand euros spent over nine years for electricity and water in the parking area (which would then be a nomad camp). "I pay my bills at home – is the attack of Galeazzo Bignami, FdI from Bologna – I do not charge citizens for them. They cannot always live at our expense ”.

"The new micro-areas are only for Roma and Sinti"

But what irritates is not the huge sum invested, but the brazen favoritism expressed by the Piddina administration. The new micro-areas – reads a document from the Municipality – they will be usable "exclusively" by the "nuclei belonging to the Roma and Sinta communities selected by the municipal services". This means that if a simply Italian resident was in a housing emergency and not yet on a public housing list, he could not get the pitch to park a mobile home.

Provision is also made for waivers on building abuses

But it doesn't end there. The pro-nomad plan includes exceptions also for building abuses. In fact, to empty the rest area, the construction of private micro-areas in land purchased by the Sinti themselves is also planned. In Bologna one has already been approved, where a family has shown that it owns a plot of land and the Municipality will give permission to live there. But this provision allows the private micro-area to arise in via Benazza, in a "rural" territory in an "agricultural context of significant landscape". Well, the municipal site warns that in this type of area "the possibility of creating new buildings for residential use on agricultural funds that are lacking" is excluded. But the Sinti will place their mobile home and can also build two more prefabricated houses. "The Democratic Party has allowed the nomads to build in areas where it would not be possible – underlines the Northern League – if an ordinary citizen did it, it would be considered a building abuse".

The author of this "beautiful thought" is the governor Bonaccini

Who is the author of this? obviously the current governor Pd of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, re-nominated for the elections of 26 January 2020. It is he who with a "favored discipline" it allows nomads to commit building abuses. The new law, in fact, establishes that the identification of the micro-areas "does not involve the modification of the urban destination of the same". In short, in a nutshell it means that a rural area should not be officially transformed into a "residential" one to build a mini nomad camp. This is because "it is a special use" designed specifically for Roma and Sinti. Finally, the further mockery: micro-areas are not subject "to the discipline that relates to the constraints on the territory". This because the settlements should be temporary, since the nomads – as the word says in theory – move. But with such favorable treatment, it is really unlikely that they will "detach" (unless in January Bonaccini is not reconfirmed).

Adolfo Spezzaferro

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