Fatal, Count and the government fall in January. "Way to the crisis", who will give him the coup de grace


A Mes and poeu pu, all at home. Mes with the accent, as they say and write in the Northern dialects, but everyone understands that it means thirty days.
In reality it would be for the European Stability Mechanism, but the acronym has in itself the deadly ticking of those who waved it in Parliament as a salvation of the State and instead carries in its hidden meaning, without its knowledge, the prophecy of the duration of this government . Giuseppe Conte, flanked by the dem Roberto Gualtieri, Minister of Economy, had enthusiastically married the presumed save-States and bank-savers. Even Di Maio and Di Battista didn't drink it. With a surprising twist from never too late they realized that, as we showed on Libero, it would be the damnation of Italy, sacrificial lamb to save the German banks overwhelmed by derivatives.

WATCH THE VIDEO – "Mamma mia che facce, Lombroso …". Salvini looks at the heads of the Mes

There is no margin to stick straw tails back. The December Mes will be the damnation of this government. The budget law will be voted, at least this will be done. A little because otherwise it is a mess that Mattarella cannot digest, but above all because the yellow-reds can at least hide behind an ephemeral success. They will say: "We were born to contain VAT at 22 percent, and we did it, we were speaking, vote for us". Let alone. They will take a tram. The Five Stars will be split, the Democratic Party will be defeated, Italy Viva will be a dwarf, but at least who knows will never be able to play it in the future. I'm not able to shoot long.
Instead of growing down, they don't eat the votes lost by the grillini. We might as well save what can be saved, and for Zingaretti it is always better than the fraudulent bankruptcy that it seems destined for if it yields to a reform of the process and forcaiola prescription and agrees to have the Mes rejected by Parliament. In Europe they would skin it.
Ilva also threatens to overthrow its incandescent flows on the famous former workers' party and on the failed Southern M5S.

EU Summit – About the reform of the Mes. The European summit meets on 11 December. The premier, as he is Count Zio Manzoni, goes there with the promise of a sailor to postpone, put down, move, make people forget, procrastinate. Mission that he knows well to be impossible. Tragicomic lie. Perhaps his university chair is doubtful, but he certainly knows how to read. And then someone must have put him under the nose the contemptuous declaration towards the Italian games of the president of the Eurogroup (which includes the 19 countries where the single currency circulates), Mario Centeno. Who intends to freeze his tongue before he speaks. "The text of the Mes does not change, everyone gave the political agreement," he said. Only translations in various languages ​​are missing. He added: "We are working for the signing of the treaty at the beginning of next year". What will Conte and Minister Gualtieri say when they return? Di Maio, first on the rejection of the Mes and then on his postponement to change it, played on his face. It is true that if it has already changed a couple of times or three, but it does not have available other bronze or tolla or palta masks.
Not being able to drag his party's deputies towards a crisis that would lead them to citizenship income, it will shake the government, but it will not sink the ship, it does not have the strength within the Council of Ministers. In conclusion.

Finale already written – It will end that Conte will not be able to take back the yes to the Mes. Then Di Maio will propose that – as in the case of the Tav – to vote both Parliament in the ratification. The fact is that while for the Tav the M5S was defeated, this time the Pd would be lost. And he can't afford it. He sold this government in Brussels as loyal to the dictates of the Franco-German axis, in exchange for flexibility concessions. Macron, Merkel and Von Der Leyen accompanied by Gentiloni as comancheros would scour Zingaretti and his faithful. In short, the Democratic Party cannot remain in a majority that disgusts the pro-European social reason.
Here then is how it will end. Budget law and that's it.
A mes and poeu pu. A month and then more. Next Wednesday the farewell schedule will start. The Mes will be unalterable and in fact approved, Conte will return with the clutch in flames. But the grillini will not want to return to the vote. As for the hypothesis of a center-right government with the deficient grillini following Gigino, which also would like it, is not contemplated as a hypothesis by Mattarella.
Who will march the lintel on which the untidy yellow-red hut stands? Will it be Nicola Zingaretti? He will try, but he will find the opposition of Dario Franceschini, who has his reasons that are called the Ministry of Culture and a lot of cowards in tow. And when will he ever return to the government if in a month he will have to do without his beloved prime minister, "with tailoring jackets, lemon cologne, black hairspray, cuff links" (Francesco Merlo)?
Personally I would bet on Matteo Renzi, because he is always the quickest to play the scalps of others. And if you vote right away, the reduction of parliamentarians from 945 to 600 will not be effective, and this is convenient for everyone, but especially for small parties. If Renzi dares, the others will roll behind him. But he or another is the same. The outcome counts and will be fatal.

by Renato Farina

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