Emma died in Corinaldo at the age of 14, her father: "I want to see the photos stuck in her phone, give me the passwords"


Many failed attempts Fabini, as the "Repubblica" writes, tried to get into the memory of the device by asking the police, Apple and some specialized technicians for help. But everything was useless. "I'd like to read his messages, maybe not yet sent, to see his latest photos," says his father, who had given him that iPhone after his third year exam.

Three thousand euros to get an answer In the family they tried with the dates of birth of her and the family, of her friends. But the password did not find it. They tried with the company's call center, with the Apple center in Rimini. "There they told us only that you can reset everything and reuse the mobile phone. But that's just what we don't want," says dad Fazio. Even a specialized technician got his hands on that device trying to steal passwords. After 15 days of trying, the phone returned home without revealing its secrets. "At the Postal Police we were told that a Munich company can do this for 3 thousand euros."

"I would love to live his last moments" "One thing is if Apple without a code is inviolable, another is if it is only a question of price – it is Fabini's comment -. In the mobile phones of the suspects the police entered, that of Emma, ​​no longer necessary for the investigation, remains secreted. We would just like to see Emma's smile again, recover that last night, maybe even her trip to London. Find her last months. "

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