Donald Trump against Greta: "Person of the year? Ridiculous"


Washington, 12 Dec – Donald Trump could not comment on the news of the final coronation of Greta Thunberg as a world champion on the cover of Time?


The US president, often brought up by the Swedish climate activist, has always responded in kind. And the decision of the American magazine Time to indicate Greta Thunberg as a person of the year 2019 just does not send her down. "Really ridiculous," Donald Trump wrote on the Twitter profile commenting on the news. "Greta should work on her anger management problem, then go see a good old movie with a friend!" And then he concluded: "Relax Greta, Relax!" Which in English translates to chill. Literally, "cooled"; other than global warming.

THE'acrimony between Trump and Greta is now long standing; after the infamous sixteen year old speech at the UN – do you remember, the one in which a real first-world daughter had accused us all of stealing her future? – the US president publicly made it a laughing stock writing, ironically: "She looks like a very happy little girl full of hope for a beautiful and bright future. A real pleasure to see you ». On that occasion, Trump had beautifully ignored the activist, passing them over without considering it – and judging by his sulky expression, Greta didn't take it well. Let's wait for the next round.

Ilaria Paoletti

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