Diana Del Bufalo can't take it anymore: "Paolo and I (Ruffini) broke up"


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A rupture that, as reflected in Diana's words, must not have been at all easy or painless: "I will try to moderate the anger and resentment I am feeling right now", he writes. His post is a concentrate of bitterness and disillusionment: "My Disney soul has never abandoned me and the desire to live a serene love continues to permeate in me. People do not change and do not change. The great disappointment and the immense suffering that made me cry on the floor of my room, made me a woman … for this, I thank him ".

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Ruffini and Del Bufalo have been together since 2015, but their history has always been characterized by continuous ups and downs. Several times they have moved away in these years, only to find each other after some time. A few weeks ago she had written on social media: "Anyone who didn't want when he could, won't be able to when he wants …". He echoed it in the pages of Novella2000: "Sometimes we experience ups and downs like all couples: there are difficult moments and beautiful moments. We live a little bit of the day in this sense, without making plans. Now, for example, it is a bit of a down time. It will pass. " Evidently the fracture was deeper than he had imagined …

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