Demos survey, Giorgia Meloni and FdI fly over 11%. Alarm for the League of Salvini: the step backwards


Another round, another poll and more … gift for Giorgia Meloni, which behind "Christmas" can "unpack" more and more sensational numbers. The survey is that of Demos & Pi published on Republic of Sunday 8 December. A survey that, however, also gives an account of the braking of the League of Matteo Salvini, which for the first time in a long time would have slipped below 30%, still remaining the first national political force and for resounding detachment. And yet, at a time like this, i Brothers of Italy of Meloni seem able to steal slices of consent to the Carroccio, which could perhaps discount the "moderate turn" of the leader Salvini, a strategy that should bring results in a medium-term perspective.

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But anyhow, let's leave the figures to speak. As mentioned, Lega first party with 29.5%, down 0.7% compared to the October survey and, as mentioned, surprisingly below 30%. But what makes the noise is the Meloni bang: FdI in fact comes quoted at 11.3%, a dizzying growth in two months, since in October the party was given at 8.6 percent. Second national force the Pd, which despite leaving 0.4% in the field imposes itself with 18.7%, ahead of a M5s increasingly weak, down 2.5 percentage points to 18.1 percent. Therefore Forza Italia, slightly recovering at 6.5% (0.4% rise) e Italy Viva, in vertical dive to 3.5 percent. LeU and La Sinistra are given at 3.2% while + Europe languishes with a skimpy 2.4 percent.

In the video (Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev) Meloni talks about the hypothesis of exit from the euro

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