Cristiano Ronaldo, double humiliation at the Golden Ball: "Why, was he a candidate as well?"


At the Chatelet Theater in Paris, Lionel Messi he won his sixth golden ball and, as expected, he beat the competition of the players of the Liverpool and of the historic rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese champion deserted the Paris ceremony to participate in the Gran Gala of football in Milan, where he received the award for best footballer of the Serie A 2018/19. Cr7 was expected by everyone except the Liverpool defender, Virgil Van Dijk, who expressed himself thus regarding his absence.

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When he was asked on the eve of the ceremony if Ronaldo, given his absence, were he no longer a rival, Van Dijk replied ironically: "Why, was he a candidate for victory?" Eventually the Liverpool defender finished second in the standings, ahead of just the 5-time golden ball of Juventus.

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