Christmas on the ocean: everyone on board, we set sail for the most beautiful islands


Here are some good reasons, second Sailogy, online boat rental platform all over the world with or without a skipper, for a winter boat break, outside the usual schemes.

The right moment – It's the right time to imagine yourself on the beach of Bali, with the sun on your face and the scent of sun cream, and allow yourself that dream vacation that you have been meditating for some time. In fact, for certain destinations like the Thailand, Goa, the archipelagos of Southeast Asia, the islands of Pacific and gods Caribbean, the Christmas break is the best time to plan a vacation, thanks to the high temperatures, but bearable, and the prices in many cases contained.

Cenette on paradise beaches – Greet the new year from the bay of Bangkok to see the splendid fireworks display at the stroke of midnight, stroll on Balinese beaches on Christmas day while sipping a pinacolada with flowers in your hair, enjoying the New Year party at Cuba between dinners on the beach and the typical buckets of water thrown from the balconies of Havana; and still take a bath on January 1st together with the pigs from the beach of Pig Beach to bahamas or get lost in the colorful alleys of the old city a Cartagena, are some of the scenarios that can populate the Christmas holidays if you choose to put flip flops and costume in your suitcase and leave your scarf and hat at home.

Unique emotions on the boat – Visit an atoll from a boat or see a stretch of coast from the sea as a gift a completely new view compared to the experience on land. Moreover, this typology of means allows an exclusive access to isolated and unreachable places if not by sea, without counting the great freedom to be able to redesign the itinerary at any time and sail to an ever new place.

On the waves without timetables – Being surrounded and immersed in the wild nature, where the intense green of the coasts merges with the blue of the sea and perceiving a profound contact with this ecosystem is an experience possible only on board a boat. Moreover, this medium allows a great versatility: there are no timetables on the boat, if not those of nature and the itinerary can be chosen at dawn each morning, to set off to discover the most fascinating and secret places. Because by boat you are a traveler, not a tourist.

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