Checco Zalone sings "Immigrato" and the companions of the Baobab sbroccano: "E 'racista"


Rome, Dec 6 – Italian "buonisti" are a bit like this: when the comedian Checco Zalone on the stage of Zelig sang the satirical one Taranta of the center right and at the same time he dug into the cinema, they spoke of him as the new genius of Italian comedy. Now for his new movie Tolo tolo makes fun of cliches about immigrants, they don't get the joke – and damage of the racist to Zalone.

"Garbage for the holidays"

"Video Immigrant of #CheccoZalone is terrible and it's not funny. There is little else to comment, no need to delve into analysis of who knows what nuances: trivial garbage for the holiday market"These are the harsh words of the Baobab association, committed to the integration of our" resources ". And to those who accuse them of not having understood the trailer of the film, they answer: "The video / trailer, taken like this, is for use and consumption by populists. We need the tools to interpret it (and it takes a lot of effort to convince oneself that the message is the opposite). Zalone is a character mainstream, has the record of takings in Italian cinema ". In short, the average Italian for fellow friends of the people would be too stupid to understand that Zalone is doing satire. Themselves cite the case of I'm Giorgia to support the thesis; but Zalone is a comedian, not a politician. IS those that have made it a phenomenon a satirical video against Meloni have been just "them". But instead of learning from past mistakes, they prefer to stand there accusing the world of racism.

Satire "good" only against Salvini?

And yet, Zalone's comic intent is so obvious that reiterating it makes us feel a little stupid too. Because to be honest, in certain sentences of the type piece: "Who left the port wide open? Immigrated, but they had not repatriated you? ”He also plays an anti-Salvino satirical vein. And throughout the video, immigrant cliches follow one another, pitted from the point of view of the average Italian, who does everything except to make fun of non-EU citizens – more than anything else, in the end the lure is the Italian, or Zalone himself. Meanwhile, however, in spite of the "right-minded" (those that surely fully represent the speck of radical chic already percolated by Zalone in Sagging sun) The video of Immigrant has reached approximately 1.7 million views. The Apulian comic film Tolo tolo will be released in theaters on January 1st: there is absolute reserve on the plot but according to some rumors, Zalone would have done the castings even in the reception centers.

Ilaria Paoletti

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