Champions League, Napoli drops poker with the Genk and flies to the round of 16 with a super Milik


All too easy in the couple's long, delicate and surreal night De Laurentiis-Ancelotti. The Naples finds in the field that unity and compactness lost and against Genk shows his most beautiful and dispassionate face overwhelming opponents for 4-0 with a triplet of a Milik reborn and a delicious spoon from the spot of Mertens. Gems with which the Neapolitan club arrives at Champions League knockout rounds as second in the group behind Liverpool (winner on the Salzburg).

I wonder if this success at home in front of a lukewarm San Paolo is able to tighten the bolts of the bench of the technician given for departing within the week and lengthen his destiny in Neapolitan land by reopening a suitcase that appears already closed and ready to be embarked for new destinations. The team immediately put the match down, closing the challenge in the first fraction, thus avoiding surprises and ghosts and restoring serenity to an explosive environment for weeks. Milik's special evening was joined by Mertens's and Zielinski's good performance, among the best in the field. All were encouraged and supported by Ancelotti, satisfied with his Naples which came out of the San Paolo amid applause.

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