Censis report: 48% Italians for strong men in power, for 70% there is more racism


The search for the strong man is more felt especially in the lower part of the social scale. The percentage rises in fact to 56% among people with low incomes and to 62% among the less educated subjects, up to 67% among the workers.

The dominant mood among Italians is uncertainty According to the Censis report, the dominant mood among 65% of Italians is uncertainty. From the economic crisis, anxiety about the future and distrust of others have led to a year-by-year wear and tear on one side resulting in "individual stratagems" of self-defense and on the other in "growing anti-democratic impulses", increasing the "messianic waiting of the strong man who resolves everything".

Dangerous drift towards hatred, intolerance and racism In recent times, then, a dangerous drift towards hatred, intolerance and racism towards minorities seems to be mounted. 50.9% of those who think that there has been an increase in racist incidents attribute them to economic difficulties and the general dissatisfaction of the people. 35.6% instead motivate them with the increase in the fear of being a victim of crime, 23.4% believe that they depend on the fact that there are too many immigrants and 20.5% think that Italians are not very open and available towards migrants. The hatred of Jews also seems to have returned: one in two European citizens consider anti-Semitism a problem in their own country. In Italy, 58% of the population think so.

62% of the sample is against Italxit 62% of Italians, according to Censis, are convinced that we should not leave the European Union, but 25%, one in four, is instead in favor of Italxit. If 61% say no to the return of the lira, 24% are favorable and if 49% say they are opposed to the reactivation of customs at the internal borders of the EU, considered an obstacle to the free movement of goods and people, 32% would instead to put them back.

For 73% of Italians, violence against women is a real problem 73.2% of Italians are convinced that violence against women is a real problem in our society that shows that in Italy there is still a strong disparity between men and women, while 23.3% believe it is a problem that concerns only a small minority, marginalized from an economic and social point of view. Only 3.5% of the population believe that this is not a problem and that they are isolated cases that are given excessive media attention.

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