Catania, hiring and "spintarelle": 12 suspects over Sammartino


Recruitment in private companies, recommendations for promotions or transfers in health care or participations, push-ups for the payment of tax bills, but also the hypothesis of corruption for an act contrary to official duties for the settlement of a termination indemnity. These are the protests made by the Catania prosecutor in the notice of conclusion of the investigation, and contextual notice of guarantee, in the investigation for electoral corruption notified to the regional deputy of Italy alive at the Sicilian Assembly, Luca Sammartino.There are also 12 other suspects in the investigation. Among these are the mayor of Aci Castello, Carmelo Scandurra, for an incident that took place before his election; the councilor of Mascalucia, Nino Rizzotto Salamone; the former city councilor of Catania, Giuseppe Musumeci; the director of Militello, Salvatore Cannata Galante; the former councilor of Caltagirone, Alfredo Scozzarella; the director of the second district of Catania, Giuseppe Damiano Capuano; the former Etna municipal councilor Marco Mirici Cappa.


Catania, the regional deputy ransacked Sammartino investigated for electoral corruption

The investigation coordinated by the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro, the adjunct Agata Santonocito and the deputy Fabio Saponara focuses on investigations by the Digos of the police headquarters on the electoral campaign for the politics of 2018. Luca Sammartino, record of preferences in the regional elections of 2017, was a candidate for Chamber of Deputies in the single-member college of Misterbianco and obtained over 16 thousand votes, not enough to be elected. According to the prosecution he would have made or promised the 'favors' disputed in the notice of conclusion of the investigation in exchange for votes.

In the past, Sammartino was investigated by the Catania Public Prosecutor for the 2017 Regionals in Sicily as part of an investigation into the regularity of the vote expressed by elderly people in a nursing home in the province of Etna, but the file was later closed.

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"I have always had and I have great faith in justice and respect for the work of the prosecutor. The guarantee notice that I received leaves me completely at peace. I will work with my lawyer to clarify this matter that is attributed to me. promptness of the investigations that will demonstrate my absolute extraneousness to the disputed facts, "says the mayor of Aci Castello, Carmelo Scandurra

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