Carlo Ancelotti is no longer the Napoli coach


The Napoli soccer team has relieved Carlo Ancelotti from his position as coach of the men's team. The decision, which had been anticipated by sports newspapers this morning, comes at a time of disappointing results, great nervousness and striking conflicts between the company and the players, and despite this shortly after a large victory against the Genk he gave to Napoli – only for the third time in its history – qualifying for the Champions League knockout rounds.

Initially considered the main rival of Juventus also in this Serie A season, Napoli lost many points and is now in seventh place in the standings. The worrying state of form was worsened by the quarrels between players and management, which became more intense after the draw against Salzburg in the Champions League. At the end of that game Edoardo De Laurentiis, son of the president Aurelio, informed the team of the continuation of a "punitive" retreat at the Castel Volturno sports center. The players, however, refused to return to Castel Volturno and said it in no uncertain terms to De Laurentiis, with whom the Brazilian Allan had a particularly hot fight in the locker room, according to rumors circulated in the following days.

President Aurelio De Laurentiis, at that time in Los Angeles, imposed the press silence on the company and then decided on heavy financial sanctions against the players. According to the newspapers, Ancelotti would have lost the confidence of the players for not having defended and protected them in front of the society: a situation made exemplary by the wear and tear of his relationship with captain Lorenzo Insigne, who recently played very little.

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