Brexit, Johnson wants US-style visas for EU citizens


The goal of the British government, already repeatedly announced by Johnson in the electoral campaign ahead of the December 12th vote, is to impose a crackdown on migration flow, according to the filter model adopted for example by Australia.

A model that for EU citizens will mean, if conservatives will win, equalization to treatment for non-EU citizens. Even with the introduction, confirmed by Patel, a Eurosceptic exponent of the most radical right in the Tory house, of a mechanism by which Europeans who from 1 January 2021 they will visit the Great Britain, even from simple tourists, they will have to fill in forms similar to those of the American establishment in advance: and await the go-ahead of the British border authorities at the entrance three days before arrival at any airport or port on the island .

"Due to EU laws – says Interior Minister of Johnson – drugs and weapons are now entering our country from Europe, increasing the risk of violence and drug addiction. After Brexit our borders will be much safer ". Propaganda words, replies Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn's shadow interior minister of Labor, according to whom BoJo's and Priti Patel's "hard Brexit" will on the other hand weaken investigative and intelligence cooperation with the 27 and consequently "security "of Great Britain.

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