Brescia, Corini's return: "Being called back is a victory"


BRESCIA – "It is an exciting and gratifying day for me. I want to thank all the fans that made me feel a great closeness and that made me increase the responsibility towards a team that I feel is mine. This return may have helped to smooth out situations that had led to my removal ". These are the first words of Eugenio Corini on the day of the presentation after his sensational return to Brescia instead of Grosso. "The DS has warned me on Sunday of the possibility of my return. I had expressed the desire to speak with the president with whom we actually diverged – explained the Rondinelle coach, who had been exonerated exactly a month ago -, there is no it was the right synergy to deal with the problems. We clarified certain aspects. When I was at home I had thought about how I would react if I had been called back and I also thought that I could have said no. of me".Before being dismissed, Corini had collected 7 points in 10 days and had not taken the news of his departure well, after a dominated Serie B championship. "I suffered a lot, I had the strength to shut up in the last month and it wasn't easy … I could answer point by point on what the president said about me but it would be deleterious. I prefer to concentrate on the callback which for me is already a victory. Now the first objective is to restore dignity to the team and look for results ".
Corini, who today conducted the first session and who embraced his players one by one on the field, explained what the interview with Cellino had based on: "I needed to have so many answers from him and now it's really a I want to greet Fabio Grosso and his deputy Morrone, I don't feel like judging their three games (in which 3 defeats came with 0 goals scored and 10 conceded, ed), would not be fair. Besides, I didn't even see the games live because I was too ill. Now I look forward and our future is the next four games to put us back in the race, I only think about this ".A joke also on Balotelli, always at the center of attention at Brescia: "Mario is an extraordinary finalizer, for me it's a resource, I expect you to improve in sharing the sacrifice".

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