Bologna, Milan supporter stabbed after the game. Investigated the aggressor


BOLOGNA – There is a suspect for aggravated injuries due to the stabbing of a Milan fan last night after the game in Bologna. It is a 34-year-old Mantua that the police identified following reports of a group of fans who indicated him as a person on the run after a violent fight broke out in the Dall'Ara stadium at the end of the game won from the Rossoneri 3-2.The victim, a 35-year-old Milan fan, was shot in the abdomen only once. Transported to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna in serious condition she was operated on urgently: after surgery the doctors fortunately declared that the man is not in danger of life.
According to the first reconstructions, the dispute was born in the guest sector between supporters contending for a game garment launched by a Milan player at the end of the game, a T-shirt or a shortsuit. Hypothesis reported by the local broadcaster E'Tv but not confirmed by the investigators. The fight then degenerated into wounding with the cutting weapon when the two – victim and attacker, both with precedents for stadium crimes – were still inside the turnstiles.Even a friend of the victim, who lost some teeth, was hit by a punch in the fray. The attacker has already been identified and stopped by the police. He is now under investigation for aggravated injuries and firearms. The forensic police are making surveys on the switchblade knife found in the aggressor's possession to see if the weapon can be linked to injury. To reconstruct the incident the images of the cameras are being examined.

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