Beppe Grillo, the background on the phone call to Di Maio. Denials and confirmations: "Everyone knows he is fed up"


A phone call from Beppe Grillo he would have softened the positions anti-PD of Luigi Di Maio, to the sound of threats. A background of Dagospia, denied by the 5 Star Movement, however, it would be confirmed by many grillini. "Everyone knows that Grillo is fed up with Di Maio's fires," explain pentastellate sources at Corriere della Sera.

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The founder and comedian would have kindly invited the political leader to soften the tone with the ally, because here the risk of government crisis is more than concrete, almost imminent. From the loyalists of Di Maio, however, another version filters: more than "conversion", it would be better to speak of "wait". And indeed there would be a subtle satisfaction at the Farnesina on the Mes front: "Did you see? Eventually we went on the road that I had indicated". Call it Pirro.

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, 2 weeks ago Grillo "armored" Di Maio: "He's the boss, don't break the c ***".

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