Basketball, Nba: Toronto embraces Leonard, Milwaukee and Lakers hand in hand


WASHINGTON – As if he had never left, Toronto stands up and applauds the man who led her to the historic NBA title just a few months ago. Kawhi Leonard returns to Canada for the first time as an opponent and the Scotiabank Arena gives him a shivering standing ovation and the "MVP! MVP!" Choir. It matters little if in the end the Los Angeles Clippers impose 112-92 with 23 points of "Fun Guy".

Leonard party and third internal knockout for Toronto

Third consecutive victory for the Clippers (18-7) dragged by an excellent team test, there are seven, in fact, the players in double figures with a splendid defensive test (Toronto under 36% from the field). To ruin the Californian party the injury of Beverley, released in the third quarter for a concussion after a fortuitous clash with Marc Gasol. In the Raptors (16-8), Pascal Siakam (24 points) is not enough for the third consecutive home defeat. The Canadians pay for the bad contribution of the bench (only 18 points against 44 of the host formation) and the heavy absence of Fred VanVleet. The match changes face in the second quarter when the Clippers find the decisive extension (64-46), the Raptors go back down with a partial mega of 21-6, but the Californians crush again on the accelerator and with a counter-break of 12 -0 during the third quarter (88-71) the curtain falls. When Leonard marks the 103-82 at 5'28 "the match is definitely on file.

Basketball, Nba: Toronto embraces Leonard, Milwaukee and Lakers hand in hand

LeBron James

Milwaukee and Lakers go hand in hand

Sixteenth consecutive victory for Milwaukee (22-3) which also allows the luxury of keeping Giannis Antetokounmpo at rest for one night. Bledsoe, author of 29 points, followed by Middleton (24) and Ilyasova (18) dragged the Bucks to the 127-112 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans (6-19). The only one to be saved among the Pelicans is Redick, author of 31 points. Melli closes with a 0/3 shot, 1 rebound and 1 assist in 7 ′ game. In the West the race continues at the top of the ranking of the Lakers (22-3) who hit Orlando (11-13) 96-87 and take home the 22nd success of the season. With Anthony Davis limited to only 16 points, it is LeBron James with a triple double to push the Californians (25 points, 10 assists and 11 rebounds) to a success that is anything but obvious. The Magic, in fact, after going under even 24 lengths, in the second half found the strength to react up to 71, to then raise the white flag again under the Blows of the Chosen One.

Basketball, Nba: Toronto embraces Leonard, Milwaukee and Lakers hand in hand

Harden during Cleveland-Houston

Harden still above 50 points, Boston falls in Indianapolis

James Harden returns as a monster and crashes Cleveland. Houston (16-8) passes to the Cavaliers' home (5-19) 116-110 thanks to the 55 points of the "Barba" which scores its fourth game of the season above 50 points. The hosts have the merit of never giving up, also placing an incredible 24-0 match that scares the Rockets before Harden's show. Boston (17-6) falls in Indianapolis where the Pacers (16-9) take the 122-177 thanks to the play of Brogdon and Holiday in a fourth 38-point period that is worth the comeback and victory. Walker, a few seconds before the final siren, misses the triple that would have sent both teams to extra time, then Brogdon's freedmen put a stone on every attempt to recover the guests.

The other matches

The thirteenth defeat for Oklahoma City (11-13) arrives. In front of the almost 17 thousand spectators of the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, the Thunder surrendered to the Kings (11-13) for 94-93 despite the good performance of Danilo Gallinari, with 14 points in 34 minutes with 8 rebounds and 3 assists. The hero of the day is Bogdan Bogdanovic, author of 17 points. Charlotte (11-16) goes to win 113-108 in Brooklyn (13-11). Utah Jazz (14-11) beats the Minnesota Timberwolves (10-14), 127-116 away, while the Chicago Bulls (9-17) overwhelm 136-102 Atlanta (6-19). Memphis (8-16) wins the second success in a row, this time making the big voice in Phoenix (11-13) for 115-108. Finally, Golden State (5-21) sells at home against New York (5-20) 122-124.
The results – Brooklyn Nets-Charlotte Hornets 108-113; Chicago Bulls-Atlanta Hawks 136-102; Cleveland Cavaliers-Houston Rockets 110-116; Golden State Warriors-New York Knicks 122-124 d1ts; Indiana Pacers-Boston Celtics 122-117; Minnesota Timberwolves-Utah Jazz 116-127; Milwaukee Bucks-New Orleans Pelicans 127-112; Orlando Magic – Los Angeles Lakers 87-96; Phoenix Suns-Memphis Grizzlies 108-115; Sacramento Kings-Oklahoma City Thunder 94-93; Toronto Raptors-Los Angeles Clippers 92-112.

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