Basket, Serie A: Cremona imposes the first stop at Virtus Bologna, Milan and Sassari are under


ROME – The first setback in the maximum basketball championship of Virtus Bologna arrives on the 12th day. It is Cremona to impose the top on Segafredo leaders, who at an altitude of 20 sees the advantage on the pursuers reduced to 4 lengths: Sassari makes his head-to-head in fact on the Brindisi parquet, while Milan passes on the back end of the Pesaro field. In the small group that occupies the fourth square, in addition to Vanoli, Brescia is also brought by beating Pistoia in advance of the 'lunch time'. Treviso also dates back, which puts Reggio Emilia, as well as Virtus Roma, which in the evening postponement is imposed on Trieste (penultimate with Pistoia), while Cantu wins the Lombard derby with Varese.

Cremona spreads the Virtus

The eleventh match for Virtus is fatal, losing its unbeaten record after 10 victories, but not the top spot. To punish her is a Vanoli (fifth victory in a row) who reaffirms himself a beast: he dominated her throughout the race, leaving only hypotheses about a possible comeback (a -4 to 7 ′), ending up defeating her 78-66. Deprived of Teodosic, expelled in the third quarter by sum of technical and unsportsmanlike, Bologna did not find that Gaines, 19 at the end, to look for the two points. Practically nothing from the others, with the long ones always beaten to rebound (55-35), and the externals without aim (put 3/26 from the arc). The data speak, but the faces of the players, nervous and never in the match, have also spoken, as had not happened so far in the league. In double figures Hunter 12 and Gamble 10, however, they were too compliant behind. And the 4 points each for Markovic and Weems tell of their evening not in an intense game, nervous and with no holds barred. Cremona with precision in the area was able to find the path to the basket at key moments: Stojanovic, Saunders (25) and Happ the best in the field.
(26-14, 46-34, 60-52)
VANOLI CREMONA: Zanotti, Saunders 25, Ariazzi, Sanguinetti 2, Ruzzier 5, Sobin 3, De Vico 9, Happ 11, Stojanovic 10, Palmi 4, Akele 9. Coach: Sacchetti.
SEGAFREDO VIRTUS BOLOGNA: Gaines 19, Deri ne, Pajola, Baldi Rossi 1, Markovic 4, Ricci 7, Cournooh 2, Hunter 10, Weems 4, Nikolic ne, Teodosic 7, Gamble 12. Coach: Djordjevic.
REFEREES: Martolini-Pepponi-Bartoli.
NOTE: Free throws: Cremona 26/32, Bologna 17/25. Released for five fouls: none.

Pesaro makes Milan suffer

Fight the Vuelle, with the new coach Sacco on the bench, but in the end he must give up against Milan (65-71) and the dream of canceling the zero in the classification vanishes. The home team at the Vitrifrigo Arena, which hosted over 4,500 spectators in the afternoon of the Immaculate Conception, is holding a confrontation with Olimpia (16-17 at the end of the first quarter) and at the interval it is below a single point (30-31). On his return from the locker room, Pesaro even moves forward, then the partial negative which causes the boys of Sacco to fall to -7 (39-46). At the beginning of the fourth final it is still Vuelle to chase, then Mussini plays charge for the comeback: his the basket of -4 (48 52), then Thomas on the counterattack is -2 (50-52), the engagement with Barford 52-52 and still Mussini realizes the 55-54. But the men of Messina (the best is Sergio Rodriguez with 16 points) find the advantage and manage it until the whistle of the siren.
(16-17, 30-31, 46-52)
HAM CARPEGNA BASKETBALL PESARO: Barford 11, Drell ne, Mussini 15, Pusica 8, Calbini ne, Miaschi ne, Eboua 1, Chapman 10, Alessandrini ne, Thomas 4, Tote '10, Zanotti 6. Coach: Sacco.
AIX ARMANI EXCHANGE MILAN: Della Valle 4, Mack 2, Biligha 6, Moraschini 13, Roll 4, Rodriguez 16, Tarczewski 6, Cinciarini, Burns, White 2, Brooks 9, Scola 9. Coach: Messina.
REFEREES: Rossi-Near-Belfiore.
NOTE: Free throws: Pesaro 14/21, Milan 15/22. Released for five fouls: none.

Sassari blow to Brindisi

Second consecutive stop in the league for the Happy Casa, third considering the Zaragoza race. The absence of Kelvin Martin (out over a month) weighs against a Dinamo Sassari that continues its run and remains second on an equal footing with Olimpia Milano with 8 successes. Bilan leads the Sardinians in the first quarter where the balance reigns, in the second the team of coach Vitucci moves forward but the opponents reply and the first half ends at 39-39. In the third period it is the Sardinians who carry on in the fourth final when Brindisi seems to be in trouble. Moment that is confirmed also in the last 10 'with Pozzecco's men flying to +9. But the reaction, once again, is not long in coming and bears the name of Adrian Banks: partial of the hosts who overturn the game and put their heads forward. So final in perfect balance where the single players decide on the match: Spissu triple which is worth the new +3 Dinamo, then again Vitali. He wastes a Brindisi possession that he must surrender.
(17-21, 39-39, 55-60)
HAPPY CASA BRINDISI: Banks 24, Brown 2, Zanelli 7, Iannuzzi 5, Gaspardo 7, Thompson 15, Stone 8, Ikangi 9, Campogrande ne, Cattapan ne, Guido ne. Coach: Vitucci.
SASSARI BANK OF SARDINIA: Spissu 8, McLean 5, Bilan 12, Evans 18, Pierre 17, Gentile 5, Vitali 12, Jerrells 6, Magro ne, Bucarelli, Devecchi ne. Coach: Pozzecco.
REFEREES: Paternico'-Borgo-Nicolini.

Rome controls Trieste in the postponement

In the Sunday postponement success for Virtus Roma who manages to get the better of Trieste for 82-72 and returns to make full loot. The season of Mitchell and his teammates is becoming increasingly difficult, as they remain at the penultimate place in the standings. In the formation of Bucchi Jefferson did well with 21 points and Dyson with 19 points.
(27-22, 45-35, 65-54)
VIRTUS ROME: Cusenza ne, Moore 3, Alibegovic 9, Roll 2, Dyson 19, Baldasso 6, Pini 4, Farley ne, Spinosa ne, Jefferson 21, Buford 3, Kyzlink 15. Coach: Bucchi.
ALLIANZ TRIESTE: Coronica ne, Cooke 2, Peric 13, Fernandez 6, Jones 10, Strautins 3, Janelidze ne, Knight 3, Da Ros 9, Mitchell 14, Elmore, Justice 12. Coach: Dalmasson.
REFEREES: Sahin-Bettini-Galasso.
NOTE: Free throws: Rome 14/21, Trieste 7/8. Released for five fouls: none.

Reggio harakiri in Treviso against the former Menetti

In the evening in which he finds Max Menetti as an opponent, Grissin Bon commits suicide at PalaVerde and loses 91-83 against De 'Longhi Treviso after having been ahead by 20 points. Inexplicable game for the red and white players, who are as remained in the locker room in the second half. Without a true leader in the field, the Reggio people melted in the second half like snow in the sun, without giving even the slightest sign of life. In the Veneto Jordan Parks unleashed, for him 25 total points with 5 out of 8 from long distance.
(15-24, 37-52, 63-66)
DE 'LONGHI TREVISO: Tessitori 7, Logan 10, Alviti, Nikolic 15, Parks 25, Imbro '1, Chillo 2, Uglietti 5, Severini ne, Fotu 17, Cookie 9. Coach: Menetti.
GRISSIN BON REGGIO EMILIA: Johnson 20, Fontecchio 13, Pardon 2, Candi 3, Poeta 12, Vojvoda 11, Infante ne, Soviero ne, Owens 10, Upshaw 12, Diouf n, Mekel ne. Coach: Buscaglia.
REFEREES: Lanzarini-Paglialunga-Walnut.
NOTE: Free throws: Treviso 3/5, Reggio Emilia 18/21. Released for 5 fouls: Fontecchio.

Cantu smiles in the derby with Varese

Varese does not recover from the sickness in the PalaDesio derby: fifth consecutive external defeat for the Attilio Caja troop, which undergoes the athletic vigor of a Acqua San Bernardo more incisive in asserting its freshness and dispelling the domestic taboo (second success in 6 internal races for Cantu, who will now include the star Joe Ragland but will greet Andrea Pecchia, destined for Virtus Bologna). The Openjobmetis transfer format is a distant relative of the roaring team in internal version: without the ability to scratch in defense that turns on the counter-attack in Masnago, Varese grinds a sterile plot on the perimeter that never foresees outlets in the painting, between long served very little (and very badly) and outsiders struggling to find solutions in penetration (35 triples versus 28 shots from 2). The striking athletic gap accused against Cantu is substantiated in the decisive datum of the shooting percentages (61% for Brianza against 32% for guests).
(14-14, 37-35, 54-47)
WATER SAN BERNARDO CANTU ': Young 10, Collins 7, Procida ne, Clark 12, La Torre 3, Hayes 2, Wilson 16, Burnel 8, Baparape 'ne, Simioni, Rodriguez 2, Pecchia 14. Coach: Pancotto.
OPENJOBMETIS VARESE: Cervi, Peak 2, Clark 6, De Vita, Jakovics 3, Natali, Vene 14, Simmons 6, Mayo 19, Tambone 11, Gandini, Ferrero 6. Coach: Caja.
REFEREES: Biggi-Boninsegna-Bongiorni.
NOTE: Free throws: Cantu '9/14, Varese 9/11. Released for five fouls: Clark.

Brescia does not give Pistoia a chance

Brescia beat Pistoia (86-74) in anticipation of Sunday lunchtime. All easy for a very concentrated Germani in the PalaLeonessa. Esposito's boys control operations throughout the race and almost always maintain a 10-point advantage. Four men in double figures for the Lombards, with Lansdowne finishing with 20 points and Vitali with 16 points and 8 assists. The Germani rises to 14 points in the standings and puts hay on the farm for the next round of the championship, when it will rest.
(28-19, 48-39, 62-53)
GERMANS BASKETBALL BRESCIA: Zerini 3, Warner 2, Abass 13, Cain 12, Vitali 16, Laquintana 6, Lansdowne 20, Dalco ', Silins 2, Guariglia, Moss 4, Sacchetti 8. Coach: Esposito.
ORIORA PISTOIA: Maiti, Della Rosa 2, Petteway 13, D'Ercole 3, Quarisa ne, Salumu 21, Landi 3, Dowdell 5, Johnson 21, Wheatle 6. Coach: Carrea.
REFEREES: Filipinos-Giovannetti-Morelli.
NOTE: Free throws Brescia 12/15, Pistoia 13/15. Released for five Silins fouls.

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