Athletics, Tamberi and the Olympic dream: "2020 is the year I was waiting for"


ROME – The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was forced to follow them by "sent" Rai to the sideline, stopped on the eve of the Games with five circles by a bad ankle injury. Today, three and a half years after that hazy dream in the bud, Gianmarco Tamberi looks forward to Tokyo 2020 with the hope of returning to the top in his specialty, the high jump, to be able to have his medals in mind. "I couldn't wait, I hope to train constantly and for that day to dream as much as possible: I want to get there and play my cards to the maximum".

"2020, the year I waited a long time"

"The year that I had been waiting for a long time has come – Tamberi explained on the sidelines of the traditional end-of-year meeting of the Fiamme Gialle at the Salone d'Onore del Coni, in Rome -, however it will be one of the most beautiful years of my life. From here to that day try to slow down the training when my body will ask for rest because I have to avoid injuries ".

Russia and state doping

Tamberi then told her about the exclusion of Russia from the Games. "To think that there is still a state context in sport that goes to support doping causes me so much sadness. I am proud of the national team to which I belong, I was elected captain of a team that makes sports ethics its priority. sadness that the sport still fails to control doping – the blue athlete concluded -. They had been trying to keep an eye on Russian athletes for years, it is very sad to know that this problem still exists ".

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