Atalanta, Gasperini: "Let's think of Verona, save us for Shakhtar would be a mistake"


BERGAMO – Take the right push from the championship and then go hunting for the company in the Champions League field of Shakhtar. Here is the 'mission' of Atalanta, which on the fifteenth day Saturday at the Gewiss Stadium receives the Verona revelation of Ivan Juric, who has always been a "loyalist" by Gian Piero Gasperini. Besides being trained by Gasp at the time of Genoa, Juric was the assistant coach of the current Nerazzurri coach at Inter and Palermo. After a three-point fast that lasted 4 rounds, the Bergamo team returned to winning in the derby against Brescia (3-0), climbing to 25, in sixth place, while newly promoted Hellas boasted 18 points, but in the last race lost 3-1 to the Bentegodì against Roma.

Gasperini: "With Juric on the field will be battle"

"I would not speak of teacher and pupil, we are two Serie A coaches – underlined the coach of Grugliasco in the press conference the day before – Ivan Juric is an established coach. I have a strong relationship with him: he played for me at Crotone and at Genoa, then he started coaching with me as a second after starting from the Primavera. I remember his B championship won in Crotone. In Verona, a beautiful reality, he is finding the fortune he did not find in Genoa in the first team as technical manager. " With the colleague there is affection, esteem and tactical similarities: "As a footballer he had engaging strength, enthusiasm and courage. He married my footballing belief, but proposes things on his own, according to his character and his nature – explains the Gasp -. I am happy when it turns out, but I assure you that tomorrow we will not look too much in the face, one will try to beat the other by fighting for his own cause: it is the beauty of football ".

"Woe to underestimate Verona"

The coach of the Bergamo club sends a clear message to his troop and to the environment. "We will not think we can win easily against Verona, which has just put Rome in difficulty, too," he warns. "It is not that by saving ourselves on Saturday we would have more energy or advantages on Wednesday in a competition from inside or outside in the Champions League with Shakhtar. some aches and pains this week, Kjaer, De Roon and Gomez dragging a bruise from Brescia but on Thursday he was already better. The opponent on duty not only made 18 points, which are many, but gathered unanimous appreciation: he always showed a good game and excellent performances. Let's remember that it is a newly promoted. It has an important game, it puts anyone in trouble. "

"The championship is very important for us"

No turnover, if not targeted, like the Pasalic median in place of De Roon along with Freuler, who in turn had started from the bench in the derby on Saturday. "There hadn't yet happened a double in the calendar with this distance of days, in the championship on Saturday and in the Wednesday cup. Our ranking is good, at home we need to change gear to stay connected to the group. The championship is very important for us, we leave nothing out: I care a lot, from here to Christmas we will try to do our best. For us it can be an important day to try to get closer to some team ".

"Zapata? Ask the doctors, I can only wait for him"

The case, for two weeks, is called Duvan Zapata. "I do the coach, not the doctor. Better to ask them. On his recovery time I cannot express myself or make up my mind – the words of Gasperini speaking of his striker, returned to Seville by physiotherapist Carlos Pedrosa after having been there the previous week – It was expected that he would return with Manchester City and then with Juventus, instead after the injury to the right adductor on October 12, in Colombia-Chile, it was not possible to recover him completely. He is in Seville to be cured, the problem is the inequality of diagnosis. If in the second opinion one is told that he has not recovered, I can only expect his return to the group ". Tuesday, from the columns of Estadio Deportivo, the complaints of Arana, but Gasperini does not want to make a second internal case: "It is understandable that he wants to find a situation in which he is employed more. From here to January, then to the repair market, not we have really thought of nothing. Let's think about playing. "

"We need the best version of Muriel"

Finally, an appeal to those who will have to bear most of the offensive responsibilities between Verona and Shakhtar. "Luis Muriel did very well for a while, then he was slowed down by tonsillitis and various problems. Now we need his best version. Tomorrow will be the eleventh match without Duvan, in some circumstances we paid for it – the coach closes nerazzurro – Now there are no more national teams and half-time, it is a decisive moment on two fronts: with Hellas I don't know what kind of match it will be, but it will be a battle to score points, we have already lost it at home, tomorrow not this is the case. We need the right determination ".

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