Amazonia, an audio exculpates NGO volunteers arrested for burning | President Bolsonaro had also accused DiCaprio


In the audio, Mayor Aguiar said that "there are police officers behind them, people are armed there" asking for intervention not only from the fire brigade, but also from the military police to "identify these criminals". His words cast shadows on the civil police investigation, which on Tuesday arrested the four NGO volunteers. The audio also confirmed the prosecution's investigation line, according to which the Alter do Chão fire was caused by land grabbers interested in selling lots, and not by members of the environmental association.

"We have not received anything from Leonardo DiCaprio, those are just fake news that have been spread against us", confirmed the Psa volunteers, Daniel Gutierrez, Gustavo Fernandes, Marcelo Aron and Joao Romano, in a press conference at Santarem, in which they also claimed to have been threatened.

Last week Bolsonaro, during a visit to the Amazon region, said, addressing DiCaprio, known for
his environmental militancy, "you are collaborating with the fires in the Amazon". To justify the arrest of the four
volunteers, in fact, the police had claimed that the NGO had sold 40 images to the WWF for about 15 thousand euros and the WWF, in turn, would have obtained for them donations, like that of DiCaprio, for 500 thousand dollars, to fight the fires in Amazon. Last weekend the American actor declared that he had never financed the activities of the Psa, even if he considers the NGO "deserving of support",

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