Allegri's announcement: "I'm studying English, back in June"


Rest is good, but Allegri wants to get back on a bench. The former Juventus coach, after the decision to take a year off following the exemption, is already preparing for the next season. "I'll be back in June. I don't know if it can be called a sabbatical year or not – explained the Tuscan coach to Espn Fc -. As soon as the relationship with Juventus ended, I immediately decided to stop for a year. I became a football player for 18 years and I am a coach by 16. I stopped this year after 34 years. at the theater, at art exhibitions, reading books ".

"I'm studying english"

Since Allegri left Juventus, with which he has won five championships in a row in the last five seasons, in addition to the one he won with Milan in 2010-11, for him the foreign sirens are mostly played. And the same coach from Livorno, who has never hidden the desire to have an experience outside of Italy, admits that he is working on his English: "I'm taking lessons here in Milan. Now I can speak quite well. I find the part of "I'm listening a little harder. If I talk to someone who helps me by speaking a little more slowly – Allegri explains – then I understand. I watch films in English and if I read something in English I understand it". There are many big Europeans looking for a coach on whom to build a new cycle: from Arsenal, which according to the English rumors would have already probed Allegri after Emery's exemption, receiving however a polite refusal to return immediately to the Manchester race United, whose Solskjaer bench is increasingly shaky, passing through Bayern Munich which confirmed the Flick ferryman at least until January waiting for a long-term decision. "Next year will be an important year – emphasizes Allegri -, for the choice I will make and the need to be prepared for this. After a year out and five at Juventus, I do not want to go back into the game and hurt myself. It would hurt".

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