Alitalia, the commissioner's plan: 2,500 redundancies, less costs and Lufthansa


The two bridging loans cost the Italian coffers well 1.3 billion euros and the European Union has lit a beacon on the operation, fearing the hypothesis of state aid. Then there is the plug of the 2,500 redundancies. In this perspective it will be essential to meet with the unions that have a strike was called for Friday 13 December. The lawyer, an expert in bankruptcy law, will have to do his best to convince them that his recovery plan is the right one. In the curriculum he has taken the company out of the depths of the crisis Blue Panorama and hopefully replicate that result. Not just layoffs, but targeted early retirement and slides to maximize voluntary outings.

Then there are the cost savings. That is the review of all contracts, from leasig to catering, from maintenance to slots. Finally there is the probable transition from Sky Team to Star Alliance, in view of a possible marriage of our flag company with Lufthansa. The German choice would already agree with the unions that consider the group the most reliable in industrial terms.

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