Algeria to vote between protests and boycotts: "Farce elections"


ALGIERS – Open ballot boxes in Algeria where the first post-Bouteflika presidential elections are held. On the electoral appointment, however, the protest wind of the square blows and the turnout will be the figure on which the spotlights will be aimed, given that a high rate of abstention is expected. The movement of protesters, Hirak, aims to sxtare below 10%, confirming that the elections are fake.
Since last Saturday the voting operations are already underway abroad, where the Algerian diaspora is called to elect the future president after the departure of the 82-year-old Abdelaziz Bouteflika, forced to resign last April after a 20-year reign . Nomadic populations in the Algerian territory also voted.
Five candidates are in the running: with the exception of one, former MP Abdelaziz Belaid, leader of the El Moustakbel Front, the other four would-be presidents are all former ministers of Bouteflika.

Algeria to vote between protests and boycotts:

Whoever wins must fight to be accepted by the electorate of the North African country, where he has been protesting for 10 months against a regime supported by the army and deemed corrupt and incapable of managing the economy. Almost 24.5 million voters are called to the polls for the first round of the Algerian presidential elections, including almost 915 thousand abroad. Over 501,000 people in charge of monitoring the correct conduct of the vote, which will take place in more than 61,000 seats. The polls close at 7pm, Italian time, and the results will not be announced before tomorrow.

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