Alessandro Meluzzi in the Fourth Republic: "Because I don't want mosques in Italy"


We are in the studios of Fourth Republic, the program conducted by Nicola Porro on Rete 4, where we return to talk about immigration, integration and Islam. Here among the guests Alessandro Meluzzi, which claims to be very contrary to the proliferation of mosques on Italian territory. And Meluzzi argues his position by insisting on the "structural" difference between a mosque and a church, on the difference between the two places of worship. "The mosque – explains Meluzzi – is not a church, because justice and the market are practiced there, so those who associate them with a church do not know Islam", he concludes. In short, Meluzzi insists on the "all-round" role of a mosque, which could contribute to the formation of a sort of state in the state, to say against, as mentioned, their proliferation.

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