Alessandro Di Battista, axis with Luigi Di Maio: Mes, the comment that is an alarm for Giuseppe Conte


Not just print background. The axis Luigi Di Maio-Alessandro Di Battista he really seems to be back. Aim, pull the plug on the government? The latest public confirmation travels on social media, where the political leader returns to talk about the Mes and the words of the premier in court yesterday, Monday 2 December: "Giuseppe Conte he said yesterday, in his speech to the Chambers, that all the ministers knew of this fund – he pressed -. Certainly we knew that the Mes had reached a point in its reform, but we also knew that it was within a package, which also provides for the reform of the banking union and the insurance on deposits ". Therefore, Di Maio asks himself: "What does it mean? That banks in all countries, Italy included, must be helped in case of difficulty and that those who have a current account must be protected ". And" these three things go together and you can not sign only one thing at a time, otherwise the risk here is that it will end who cheat us. Those three reforms, once completed, will give us an overall picture of the advantages and risks for Italy"he concludes. And at the bottom of this post, here is the comment by Battista, who praises Di Maio:" I agree. This is not convenient for Italy. Punto ". Di Maio and Dibba in short find unity of purpose on the Mes. And, perhaps, not only on that.

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Here is the post by Luigi Di Maio on Facebook:

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