Al Bano Carrisi, his son Yari on the death of his mother Jolanda: "A dramatic year, because he no longer sang"


Farewell to mom Jolanda, the mother of Al Bano Carrisi, a decisive point of reference for the singer of Cellino San Marco. A very difficult moment, in short, for Al Bano and for the family. And talking about it, guest a Morning 5 of Federica Panicucci, has been Yari Carrisi, son of Al Bano and Romina Power, who revealed how difficult the last twelve months were: "Last year difficult, with ups and downs. Lately he couldn't sing anymore". It's still: "It was she who looked after us, was also a mother to me – she reveals -. He didn't even greet me, when I arrived she told me: Have you eaten? Every time I come back here in Puglia I put on a few pounds ". Pain, but no regrets:"He lived a complete life, whole, long. Who ever expected it in 1923 that he had a world to discover and that his life would go on for so long and that it would be so full. He left a piece of magic ", concluded the son of Al Bano Carrisi.

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