Aids fight day, the guard lowered: "We need more information for young people"


In Milan in 2018 there were 430 cases (the latest available data), the first city in Lombardy for contagions (70 percent of the total), over 10 percent of those in the whole of Italy (where the diagnosed cases are, in average, 3 thousand a year): here it is, the photograph of the new HIV diagnoses in Milan. On the increase compared to 2017, when they were 390. And it is from young people that we must start, from their lack of training and information: all the diagnoses of all sexually transmitted diseases – not only HIV and AIDS (the overt disease), but also syphilis , gonorrhea, chlamydia – are on the rise. Especially among the young: the band with the highest incidence is that between 25 and 29, even if the infections, according to the data of the ATS, are increasing among the over 45.

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"The big urban conglomerates, like Milan and Rome, are the areas where the incidence is higher" – explains, in the World Aids Day, Gianmarino Vidoni, who leads the ATS clinic in Viale Jenner which deals with sexually transmitted diseases – Many have lost awareness of the risks and this is demonstrated by the non-use of condoms, in all age groups "." The starting point – then thinks Rosaria Iardino, an activist for years at the forefront and president of The Bridge Foundation – must be sex education in schools ".



"Born HIV-positive, I discovered her at 14: now I live a normal life and I want a child"

Today, from 6.30pm to 11.30pm, Arcigay Milano together with Ala, Anlaids Lombardia and Fast Track Cities organized an evening, in via Tazzoli 3, to reaffirm the commitment against the stigma and the prejudice that still affects people with HIV. While until Tuesday it will be possible to do, in the Ats clinic in Viale Jenner, the rapid salivary test that allows the immediate identification of HIV and HCV specific antibodies.

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