A charge and for 600 km, the plus of Mustang Mach-E


Muscle the Mustang has always been, a "massive" and also heavy coupe, but other times and composite materials were to come. But that all-muscle and nerve-like look fits perfectly with modern SUVs and so here is the Mach-E reaching almost 4.7 meters and with a height of 1.6 meters which is typical of the category. In short, Ford Mustang Mach-E interprets in an original way many of the reasons that have made the fortune of the Mustang, like the very long bonnet, the front grill in pure Mustang style, i rear lights with three vertical stripes. Huge rear luggage compartment: 402 liters of capacity which, with the rear seats folded down, become 1,420 liters.

But there are many new features, such as the absence of door handles, replaced by a button, and a panoramic glass roof with a special coating to protect against ultraviolet rays. Inside it stands out 15.5-inch giant screen, which is reminiscent of those of rival Tesla. The Model X of the latter seems in fact the real challenger of Ford Mach-E. Electric traction has made it possible to modulate a system a four-wheel drive, with torque distribution independently for each of the axles, but the rear-wheel drive version will not be missing.

For the brand new Ford Mustang Mach-E they are currently planned two versions, distinguished by power and type of lithium ion battery: the standard 75.7 kWh with power equivalent to 258 hp and superb Mach-E GT from 98.8 kWh and the equivalent of 465 hp and will have adaptive suspension. The latter travels up to 600 kilometers on one charge! In Europe, the Ford Pass Charging Network has 120,000 charging stations in 21 countries and will soon add the Ionity network. Prices in the US start at $ 44,000, in Europe, cars are known to cost a little more, but the gap should range between 50 and 60 thousand euros.

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