84% of those under 14 enrolled in social media with a false age. And don't talk about it with mom and dad


Most children (84%) between 10-14 years of age have a social profile in their own name and started it indicating a false age. This was revealed by a survey conducted by "Osservare Oltre" (National Association of Deans and eTutorweb) for Tg3 on a sample of 7,896 middle school students, who answered the questions "anonymously, without adult influence and in complete freedom"None of the kids at the time of enrollment indicated his true age, the survey reveals again, not even the 22% who did it with a parent present, while 91% do not talk to mom and dad about what they see or say on the Internet. And 91% would be very angry if their parents forbade the use of social media.
From the results, the authors stress, it is clear that the current legislation is not applied: to use social networks, in fact, you must be at least 14 years old, between 13 and 14 you can do it, but only with the supervision of parents. And under the age of 13 it is simply forbidden to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or WhatsApp. The survey also well captures another aspect, that of the profiling of minors, prohibited up to 14 years.

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