Zhang reflects: he could make a frightening decision!


Conte's words after Borussia? By now the stones have understood it: they have not gone unheard. Rather. Perhaps the ways were not really those of a lord but it is also true that to make a team with strong but not very great players in the squad, a team capable of fighting for first place in the standings, the ways they are not enough. Need the substance. Which is what Antonio Conte also asked quite clearly for Zhang, Marotta and Ausilio. Needless to say, there has already been some talk between the parties and it is equally pointless to say that something will happen in January. The particular, the novelty, could instead be contained in the decision with respect to the budget.

How much do you want to spend in January? What are the prospects? The news according to which the nerazzurri are seriously thinking of focusing on Mertens is of these hours. We have to think about it, of course. It would be a footballer of a fairly advanced age (sportingly speaking) but for this reason, it could be evaluated in another key: what he wants coming to Inter at a bargain price (in January) or in summer, to zero. In short: it can be done. But Zhang's idea of ​​responding to Conte may be even stronger.

The answer could be to bring to Inter, in January, everything that you could not take in the summer. And that evidently generated a pinch – so to speak – of disappointment in the Nerazzurri coach. That's why Zhang could decide to make a maxi-investment by trying to bring both Vidal and a striker in the same market session. The rumors are zero. If Conte could choose his model midfielder, he would not make other names outside the Chilean one. Who is a warrior and who in his midfield would be from God. And the attacker? At the moment, in absolute pole, there would be Giroud. He has already said yes. Should it arrive in January, it would (perhaps) push Mertens into the summer market list, although nothing is excluded. Indeed: the idea of ​​Inter is even more complex. It is in fact planning to attack the market of zero parameters where Marotta would have bet more than a few surprise names >>> GO TO THE LIST

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