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Published on November 19th, 2019 |
by Redazione

Can you read about Porto Tramatzu men? When I was a little kid and I didn't even think about reforestation, at that point, that fury had a row of tram mats that started right next to me at the "Vela" bar and arrived late in the morning. curve before its Porto Corallino; sister of cantu immoi that you are so beautiful pine forest.

In a corner he had finished, he had begun his row; comment is a divisor between sa ara and sa land. Here is the catch of "Porto Tramatzu". It was then that he preferred harbor to Porto Corallo; it is today that you have learned nowhere. People used to go to Porto Corallino and Porto Tramatzu was frequently paid.

To Porto Corallo, in the forty-four, and in the forty-four, it is in the colony; drommeiausu in the localities abandohausu since the minerals of the mine of Baccu Locci started there I could find in Casteddu. Prior to that expedition with a ship arriving in Porto Corallo and carrying people who had already left for Tuscany. So whether or not we build a track; but you can see angry comments, castiendi the photograph of who you are in the restaurants "S'allegusta E Sa Cassola" (ex Top Sound) of Porto Corallo.

With you to build from the port and from the villas at the foot of the mountains of Torre Motta, the beach of Porto Tramatzu has become the most frequented; especially for families with a pimp who, last year, could go in and play quietly. Occasionally you must pay attention to Porto Tramatzu too: between 2018 and 2019, the violence of the sea has caused a great deal of upheaval; and I always have to pay close attention to it because it is too hot today.

Now cool, were most of the time spent last summer on the beach of Porto Tramatzu. He and his grandson also had a niece and nephew and other friends as well. Not that Porto Tramatzu is the most beautiful beach of the world; but you are, of course, one of the most peaceful place you can be; considering the pure climate. Today we all met people, and with this people, I became a friend of mine too. Add the word 'cahancuhu' to your family and tell it like a family.

Porto Tramatzu It is the summer living-room; and today the feuds are coiled. Donniuhu counted his own; mainly family business; and listening to the things of the atrocious, he becomes aware of his 'misadventures'. Be proud of your undixi if you comment on chistiohai de pappai; and you heard on the stogum that it was beginning to trumpet.

That sums it up Husband who has never wanted to be water and he is also a hunter who never takes off his shirt. Cahancuhu always lay in the buddha area, drinking sohi, and Cahancuhu always fainting under the umbrellas; which, lacking in sohi no longer, becomes nieddu as he comments. Having passed through such an odd time, he must at all times be deprived of his precious and flawed self: yet, almost all, he knew all. One hundred concas, one hundred berittasa for which, many people, because of different opinions about certain things, discussing the regrets of one and the other. You know, solidarity is in the first place. If it is from the gods that you tried to talk to them about anything, you are ready to help. And this is a beautiful thing: you know it's not a war; and you missed me not that pentzisi comment to me, friend comment first. And befriend yourself if you drink at the moment of your bison.

Cahancu'hotta since the beginning of the prangi can be the motto of the relatives or family members of the group. Occasionally I had two leoese: Gavino and Nicola who, though they were not members of the foster family, knew each other and were friends with everyone. Nobody would ever say that if they were gone they would comment on it as a whole.

Ours now its becciusu; and the main argument, before the unix, was the mahadiasa and the pill that gave the hosu foot a say: diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and mada 'back. When, however, anyone who succeeds can be drowned, freed or attracted, and sickly, pillaged and pampered if at any rate.

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