You si que vales, the forbidden transparencies of Sabrina Ferilli: the look that makes Italy go crazy


We are in the studios of You are this, the Saturday night variety of Canale 5 at the helm there is an exceptional cast, from Maria De Filippi until Gerry Scotti. Among the celebrities present in the studio here is also the inevitable Sabrina Ferilli, a timeless icon of sensuality. And Ferilli, for the occasion – that is, the episode aired on the Mediaset flagship network on Saturday 9 November – has chosen to drive Italy and the Italians crazy with a look that is really bold, pushed, a little forbidden. Yes, because Ferilli was wearing a very low-cut dress, with ample transparency on the arms and, above all, on the chest. The point is that just at the breast, as seen in the video below, peeped out a sort of "window" transparent from which the shapes, without underwear, of the legendary Sabrina peeked out. Simply irresistible …

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