You si que vales, Belen Rodriguez in tears: the song for her daughter, but the ending is very bitter


Moments of real emotion, of tears, for Belen Rodriguez to You are this, the Saturday evening program broadcast on Channel 5, the episode on November 9th. The wonderful Argentinian showgirl was thrilled Manolo Paoletti, a young father, in life teacher of dance, who brought a song dedicated to shaira, which is his daughter. Very revisable performance, since Manolo is quite out of tune, but so intense that it goes straight to the heart of Belen, who in fact could not hold back the tears that were running down her cheeks. Also Gerry Scotti stated that he appreciated the text of the piece. Despite the 82% of public preferences, Manolo's path stopped at that point: touching, but not enough to continue to You are this.

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