You expect Verdi, check Berenguer: that exultation should not be condemned


Hands to the ears for the Spaniard from Turin, Alejandro Berenguer, after the fourth goal: two fundamental goals at a difficult time

Mark and bring your hands to your ears. Wait for choirs and applause, take a few pebbles from your shoes. And it is an exultation that must be understood, if necessary even forgiven. Certainly it must be taken in the right direction. Berenguer's exultation is that of a boy who has too often enjoyed little consideration but who instead his coach he managed to get it done right. And so in the afternoon of Brescia, in the game in which the Taurus could have seen the ghosts and that could have affected the future of Mazzarri, the same one in which you expect that finally Simone Verdi explodes, Alejandro Berenguer appears. And marks the third goal in the most complicated moment.

Who has not seen the game will find it hard to believe that Toro, two goals ahead and with the extra man, was risking burn a huge one advantage, also psychological, for the conviction of having brought it home already. So here comes the Pamplona boy. He scores the 3-0 goal as if it were the easiest thing in the world, he rushes to the door and fills the ball of 4-0 by taking the stage and repaying Mazzarri's confidence that he had given him a piece by calling a Verdi again on the bench dry. The goal in Parma against Atalanta in the previous (until yesterday also the only) external victory, the one-two at the Rigamonti. In small steps and without making too much noise, today it could also send 25 million to the bench.

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