You are this, Maria De Filppi unravels: pacifier, monkey and blindfold? Contestant torn to pieces


A strange moment of television a You are this, the Saturday evening program broadcast on Channel 5. In fact, a new relaxation technique was presented in the studio, theAutonomous Sensory Meridian Response (asmr), brought by competitor Lory, a young youtuber. What's it about? Between blankets, stuffed animals and pacifier, the boy has tried to make the judges relax. They were all very careful, except for one person: Maria De Filippi, which was obviously not persuaded by the goodness of the method and so, during the presentation of Lory, certainly did not hide the irritation, due to heat and blindfold. Besides, he kept talking. A behavior that, on social media, has been stigmatized by someone: "The asrr is used to relax people and Maria talk continuously since the performance began. Even less Marì, "wrote one guy. And again:" De Filippi senza rispoett ", or" De Filippi, a rudeness to laugh at. "In short, the ghostly public asmr seemed to like it.

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