yesterday the patron discussed a possible early termination of the contract


Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coachCarlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach

Ancelotti exonerated or resignation? No, but according to Gazzetta the relationship with the SCS Napoli will end at the end of the year. Yesterday De Laurentiis discussed a possible early termination

Carlo's Neapolitan future Ancelotti it is no longer a certainty. A delirium that has hit the whole environment Naples and sanctioned the final break between the club, the coach and the players. Today's edition of the talks about it Gazzetta dello Sport.

Napoli-Ancelotti, divorce at the end of the year

"Aurelio De Laurentiis, assisted by the managing director Chiavelli, he listened to his lawyers during a call conference during which also the lawyer Grassani, consultant of the club for legal questions, intervened. The parties discussed the penalties to be asked for players and the possibility of a possible early termination of the current contract by Carlo Ancelotti. The three-year agreement signed in the summer of 2018 provides, however, a clause that allows the company to renew, by registered mail, from season to season. The feeling is that the relationship between Napoli and Ancelotti will end at the end of the season "

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