"Yes to discount of sentence for emotional storm"


Olga killed because of jealousy, her boyfriend's sentence halved: "He acted in an emotional storm"

Penalty halved from 30 to 16 years for Michele Castaldo, the man who strangled and killed on 5 October 2016 Olga Mattei in a crisis of jealousy. The «emotional storm», Considered as an element of the defendant's psychological situation, contributes together with other elements to the granting of generic extenuating circumstances. For this reason, according to the deputy attorney general of the Cassation Ettore Pedicini, the appeal of the general prosecutor's office of Bologna against the sentence of the Assize Court of Appeal which has almost halved, bringing the sentence to Castaldo from 30 to 16 years is to be rejected. for the murder of Olga.

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The case made people argue precisely for the reasons of the sentence that, close to March 8th, valued among other elements the psychiatric report on Castaldo according to which the accused was prey to a "overwhelming emotional and passionate storm" due to his experience . The crime happened to Riccione October 5, 2016: the two had been dating for about a month when the man, in a crisis of jealousy, strangled her with his bare hands and then attempted suicide; a gesture repeated even in prison, in March.

He killed his former partner in an "emotional storm": he is now attempting suicide in prison

The sentence. For the murder Castaldo was condemned by the magistrate of Rimini, in a shortened procedure, a 30 years of prison but on appeal the sentence passed to 16 years (24 years, reduced by a third always due to the ritual) due to the balance between attenuating and aggravating circumstances due to Emotional state, to the positive evaluation of the confession and of the will to compensate the victim's daughter. "The contested judgment"- underlined the deputy head of Cassation asking the first penal section to declare inadmissible, because structured in fact, or unfounded, the appeal of the general prosecutor's office of Bologna -" he explained the reasons justifying the choice, which he valued, while acknowledging the gravity of the fact, the psychological situation of the accused. And it is in line with the jurisprudence of the Cassation, according to which the emotional and passionate states can be evaluated for the purpose of measuring the penalty. This assessment concerns the trial judge ". Castaldo, defended by lawyer Monica Castiglioni, is currently a prisoner in Ferrara. The sentence is expected in the evening.

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The murder. The man, October 5, 2016, killed Olga Matei with his bare hands, the woman with whom he had an affair. He arrived at the murder after he had been jealous of messages from other men on Olga's cell phone for a couple of days. On October 5 he waited for her in front of the house, the two entered, began to talk and drink wine. It was then that he confided his own insecurities in love, due to the failure of his marriage and, according to him, to the betrayal of his wife. But she would have shown little understanding and asked him to leave, without threatening to leave him. But a new dispute broke out. After being sentenced to thirty years at first instance, the Court of Appeal reduced Michele Castaldo's sentence to 16 years.

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