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Spice – The highly unstable phase in Liguria continues. Starting today, Thursday 7 November, showers and thunderstorms will affect the region starting from Ponente, while they will become persistent on the Centro Levante.

Arpal has therefore issued a weather alert for widespread and temporal rainfall in these ways: on the West (zones A and D) from 16 today, Thursday 7 to 8 tomorrow, Friday 8 November. On the center and the east, a yellow alert from 16 today, then orange from 18 to 8 tomorrow, Friday 7, then yellow again until 15. On the large C and E basins yellow alert from 16 today to 15 tomorrow , Friday 8.

In the last hours the instability has provoked thunderstorms with hail phenomena that have affected the central sector of the region and in particular the Ponente Genovese, Val Polcevera, Valle Scrivia, reaching then the Val Bisagno. The maximum cumulative is recorded at Santuario del Monte Gazzo with 54.2 millimeters (27.4 maximum cumulative hourly, 12.2 in 15 minutes), followed by Pontedecimo with 36.8, Pegli with 35.6, Bolzaneto with 35.2 while, in Fiumara, a backhand has accumulated 7.4 millimeters in 5 minutes. Moreover, around 10 am, a series of sea trumpets were formed in front of the Genoese coast.

From the afternoon of today a new perturbation is expected on Liguria which will favor the increase of instability starting from Ponente. Strong and organized showers and thunderstorms will be possible while on the Levant center the phenomena may have the character of persistence. Worth noting is the reinforcement of the winds and, from tomorrow afternoon, the rise of the sea with swell up to agitated. The most intense precipitations can occur up to the early morning tomorrow, Friday 8, but later on conditions of instability will remain especially on the Centro Levante.

Finally, with regard to temperatures, last night, in some stations in the interior of the region there were below zero values: -1.0 at Poggio Fearza (Imperia), -0.8 at Cabanne (Genoa), -0.1 at Pratomollo (Genoa) . In the Savona area of ​​minimum 1.1 in Montenotte Inferiore, in the La Spezia area of ​​1.9 in Cembrano. In the reference stations of the provincial capital cities these are the minimum: Genoa Functional Center 10.0, Savona Nautical Institute 9.7, Imperia Earthquake Weather Observatory 10.3, La Spezia 7.3

Here are the phenomena foreseen in the meteorological warning issued today:
TODAY, THURSDAY 7 NOVEMBER: a new Atlantic perturbation determines widespread precipitations from the afternoon, also to carttere of backhand or thunderstorm. Moderate rainfall intensity expected on A, B, C, E, significant amounts on B, D, E, elevated on C. High probability of strong and organized thunderstorms on A, D, also persistent on B, C, E. Venti in reinforcement from North, North-West on D and western part of B with possible gusts in the evening up to 40-50 km / h, strong from South-East on C, E and eastern part of B with possible gusts in the evening up to 60- 70 km / h.

TOMORROW, FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8TH: up to the early morning there is still a high probability of strong and organized thunderstorms on A, D, even persistent on B, C, E. Subsequently, conditions of instability remain with possible strong or organized thunderstorms, in particular on B, C, E. Intensity of moderate rainfall on A, B, C, E, significant amounts on B, D, E, high on C. Strong south-west winds on A and from evening on C with possible gusts up to 50-60 km / h. From the afternoon the sea rises to rough on C and locally on A.

AFTER DAYS, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9TH: the formation of a minimum depression on the Corsican Sea determines new unstable conditions with precipitations also of a reverse or temporal character that locally can assume strong intensity on C.
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