Yamaha retraced its steps and put aside Valentino Rossi


Jonas Folger (Getty Images)
Jonas Folger (Getty Images)

MotoGP | Yamaha retraced its steps and put aside Valentino Rossi

There Yamaha he backs up and closes the door in his face Jonas Folger, but above all a lie Valentino Rossi, who for two years had asked the Iwata team, in a loud voice, to strengthen the team tester with fast riders, at or near the level of the owners. The Doctor, on the basis of what we have seen done a Ducati is Honda, which boast two riders of great depth as Pirro is Bradl, he hoped to be able to bridge the technical gap with the two brands thanks to a high level tester.

There Yamaha he had satisfied # 46 by contracting Folger who had taken the place of Nakasuga. In these months he had then tried to take the free Zarco, which instead turned into a Honda, enticed by the prospect of being able to blow the saddle a Lorenzo. But at the end of the games, just when everyone is in the team Yamaha they were exposed for a reconfirmation of Folger the news that the German had not been reconfirmed arrived like a bolt from the blue.

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Folger: "I'm disappointed, they promised me a contract"

Folger he said: "This was really a big surprise for me. I had a verbal agreement with Yamaha who wanted to continue with me and even expand the project. We were already thinking about how the test plan and other goals could be. Then suddenly the refusal arrived, although the contract was promised to me ".

The German then continued: "In the end, however, they decided that the test program should be performed exclusively by Japanese pilots. The disappointment is great, of course, because I focused completely on this project and canceled all other commitments for next year. Too bad, it would have been a very interesting challenge. At the moment I don't know how my career will continue. At the moment there are not many options ".

In short, the Yamaha he decided to back off by entrusting the tests to the Japanese pilots. The impression is that on this decision there was a split between the team MotoGP which is based in Europe and the Japanese parent company that has decided to focus on patriotism.

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