XF 13, Malika and Sfera at loggerheads. And he commits a colossal gaffe


With the third live of X Factor 13 the ratings are growing again, after the disastrous drop of last week (halved share compared to the corresponding episode of the last edition), the preferences and the identity of the singers in the competition are outlined, and also the personalities of the judges, between one Mara Maionchi now accustomed (perhaps too much) to the mechanisms of the game, one Malika always very focused and genuinely passionate about the race and its singers, Ball which proves that it does not know much of the history of music (from the Ramones to the Arctic Monkeys, and the web does not forgive it) and Samuel who started out quietly – he seemed the least empathetic and the most detached of the auditions and home visits – he is proving to be the best in the choice of assignments and in the ability to enhance his team.

In the midst of all this, among singers who do not yet seem to have struck viewers in the heart, just take a ride on twitter to realize that Maneskin, Anastasio and Nigiotti are still regrets and far from being replaced and performances not always appreciated, to give pepper to the program are the squabbles between Malika and Sphere, which are becoming a real demonstration of mutual dislike.

The last one, in order of time, happened in the third live, when after Lorenzo's performance, which Malika assigned a song from The Ronettes Baby, I Love You, brought to success by the Ramones with the album End of the Century of 1980 was not liked in Sphere. And probably not even to the public, since the boy ended up on the ballot, and was then eliminated.

Malika made Lorenzo sing, taking him back in time, with an orchestra, vocalists and technicians in white coats. Sphere, which complains from the beginning of the live some anachronistic choices and poorly adapted to the age of the singers by the colleagues, increases the dose also this time: "It seems that I always have to criticize the competitor of Malika, but I always say what I think: I would like to hear from you something newer and more appropriate for your age. A newer thing ". Malika's reply is piqued: "I would like to remind Sphere that this song goes on the radio fifty times a day".

At which point Sfera's impulsive and unreasonable answer: "What do you listen to, Radio Zeta?" That has not only unnerved Malika ("You should be more polite. I would like to know what you listen to if you don't listen to the Ramones. Maybe only the radios where you pass, because you are a vain" even if he replies in his turn: "They don't pass me on the radio because I say things wrong .. ”) but above all alarmed the producers who must have reminded the rapper in their headphones how the issuer is part of the program's sponsor group. So much so that after the advertising break the correction di Sfera: "I would like to greet Rtl 102.5, radio sponsor of the program, and also Radio Zeta". But now the omelette was made and enjoyed from the web.

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