X Factor 2019, third live show: eliminated Marco and Lorenzo


Lorenzo - X Factor 2019

Lorenzo – X Factor 2019

The live show of X Factor 2019 arrives at third episode and here on DavideMaggio.it, like every Thursday night, the appointment with liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens on the X Factor Dome stage.

X Factor 2019: the direct minute by minute of the third live show

21:15: Alessandro Cattelan opens the episode with a sort of monologue on what happened in the first two lives. Then he ironizes on the double elimination of the evening talking about "Eliminated 1, eliminated 2". Advertising.

21:19: The judges perform, starting with Samuel with The statue of my freedom. Then Malika Ayane on the notes of Without getting serious and Sphere Ebbasta Always rich. Mara Maionchi, of course, glissa.

21:28: The conductor quickly explains the competition mechanism, which sees the competitors challenge each other in the first round to the sound of warhorses. Via the televoting.

21:32: Exhibitions without interruptions, one behind the other: Lorenzo with Let Her Go of Passenger, i Sierra with a piece they readjusted, Giordana with Wicked Game by Chris Isaac, Eugenio with En and Xanax by Samuele Bersani, i Booda with Hey Mama by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Nicola with Love Is A Losing Game by Amy Winehouse, i seawards with Dream On of Depeche Mode, Sofia with a novel, Marco with Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley, David with Lately by Stewie Wonder. Advertising.

21:56: Sfera admits that among the groups he preferred the Boodas, while "I didn't find Lorenzo's performance shining". Mara also indicates the Booda and the worst Lorenzo as the best. Malika merely indicates who convinced her the most: the Seawards. Samuel liked Sofia, but Marco didn't hit him.

21:59: Cattelan closes the televoting and calls on stage for judges and competitors for the verdict: the two under Malika's, Samuel's two groups, the two under of Sfera, access the second run. The three over of Mara remain: theeliminated is Marco, who greets and thanks everyone.

22:05: The race continues with the second run. The conductor opens the televoting on the nine competitors.

22:08: It's up to Booda with All Or Nothing by Elliphant ft. Bunji Garlin & Diplo. Sfera admits that he did not know the piece. And so Mara: "I didn't know him but I was fine anyway". Malika explains that she enjoyed it. Samuel says he accepted Maionchi's advice on being more erotic. Group televoting code 01.

22:16: Arriva Nicola in Pharrell Williams version with Happy. Ayane noted "Some pastry" but "You can see you had more fun". Samuel thanks him. Sphere appreciates the transformation. Maionchi is enthusiastic: "There was everything". The singer's televoting code 02.

22:22: The third performance is by Sofia with C'est la vie by Achille Lauro. For Mara the song "Is adult for her". Malika advises you to venture more into the choices of the piece. Samuel has no doubts: "You could sing the leaflet of aspirin and it would be cool". Sphere explains: "The age in front of this talent takes a back seat". The singer's televoting code 03.

22:30: It's the turn of Lorenzo, which engages in Baby I Love You of Ramones. Samuel applauds the staging: "It's incredible magic". Sphere admits that he wants to hear it in something newer. Mara compliments: "You were good, you moved well". Malika stings Sphere: "This piece always goes on the radio". The trapper: "What radio do you listen to, Radio Zeta?". Singer's televoting code 04.

22:38: I Sierra bring Fabrizio De Andre and his on stage Anchovies make the ball. Sfera shows how they managed to make the songwriter current. Maionchi also appreciates: "Some things have been very well done". Ayane echoes it: "Delicate". Samuel collects. Duo televoting code 05. Advertising.

22:50: The round continues with Giordana in bellyache by Billie Eilish. Mara perplexed on the chosen path: "How will you do with the harp?". Malika appreciates the choice: "You were very good". Samuel states: "Thank your mentor for putting you on an incredible basis". Sphere is happy: "Great Giordana". The singer's televoting code 06.

22:57: Unpublished for Eugenio: the title is Corn flakes. La Ayane price increase: "I want another one. Make me dream". Samuel congratulates: "How nice it is to hear someone who arrives singing a story!". Sphere admits: "You look like a complete artist to me. In two or three months I wouldn't be surprised if I saw you first on Spotify ". The Maionchi gongola. Singer's televoting code 07.

23:05: It's up to David with Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? of the Arctic Monkeys. Samuel says he is intrigued. Sfera compliments: "I can only tell you good". Malika has no doubts: "You broke". Singer's televoting code 08.

23:12: They close the race i seawards on the night of You'll see you'll see by Luigi Tenco. Sfera admits he was excited. Mara instead states: "You sang it well but there was little emotional transport". Malika has noticed some inaccuracies but always expects great things from them. Samuel almost in tears. Duo 09 televoting code

23:18: A short video summarizes the nine performances.

23:22: Cattelan welcomes on stage Marracash.

23:26: Closed televoting, judges and competitors reach the stage to know the verdict: the pass for the next episode is released by the Sierra, Eugenio, Sofia, Booda, Davide, the Seawards and Nicola. At the last clash Lorenzo and Giordana. Advertising.

23:37: Via the judges' choices on who to eliminate: Sphere eliminates Lorenzo, Malika eliminates Giordana, Mara eliminates Lorenzo, Samuel eliminates Lorenzo. The second eliminated is Lorenzo. And for the second consecutive episode, the judges make a competitor of Malika out of the race.

23:42: The bet ends here. Line a Extra Factor.

X Factor 2019: third live show anticipations

From 9.15 pm, live on SkyUno, Alessandro Cattelan leads the third live episode of X Factor 2019. After the elimination of the young Mariam Rouass and Enrico Di Lauro, there are 10 competitors in the race, led by the judges Sphere Ebbasta (under woman), Mara Maionchi (Over) Malika Ayane (under man) e Samuel (Groups).

The third live will always be characterized by two heats, which will declare one double elimination. In the first, the singers will compete in a mash-up of their warhorses; in the second one, instead, the 9 remaining in the race will all perform in a single round, at the end of which a second exit will proceed. here are the tracks chosen for the second run:

Giordana Petraliabellyache (Billie Eilish)

Sofia TornambeneC'est la vie (Achille Lauro)

Eugenio CampagnaCorn flakes (Unpublished)

Marco SaltariAll Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

Nicola CavallaroHappy (Pharrell Williams)

Davide RossiWhy’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? (Arctic Monkeys)

Lorenzo RinaldiBaby I Love You (Ramones)

BoodaAll Or Nothing (Elliphant ft. Bunji Garlin & Diplo)

seawardsYou'll see you'll see (Luigi Tenco)

SierraAnchovies make the ball (Fabrizio De Andre)

Guest of the evening Marracash, who will present his new album Person.

>>> Presentation sheets of the 12 competitors

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