X Factor 13, report cards: the gaffe of Sfera Ebbasta on Radio Zeta saves the episode


Someone save Private Cattelan. He tries, even with a monologue at the beginning, but X Factor now she is in a vigilant coma. It strikes us that no one, showing a shred of self-irony, has yet assigned Everything else is boring of the Caliph. The best Italian talent this year makes us regret Friends. Ok, no, there are Pio and Amedeo. Best wishes to the Mammeskin. They attacked me for a week, but what they do for the social is cool, follow them. Ten to them, zero to those who claim to represent them and write to you in private. Attack Salvini, but not them: you will have fewer problems.

The spectator rating: 10
What has remained until the end, at least, and that it manages to follow with passion – there are, just see the social revolt for the elimination of Lorenzo Rinaldi – the most boring edition since the format arrived in Italy. Difficult to find moments of excellence, points of great interest in these live shows where everyone seems subdued, even the good Cattelan who, although not doing anything wrong, does not seem to come out of the general apathy, even if the joke about “eliminated 1, eliminated 2” is worth the whole episode. Paradoxically, it is the spectator who is the most vital fan of the entire chain, if only because he recognizes the most anonymous competitors in the history of the program, without confusing them. You, 700,000 (3% share), are my heroes.

Sphere Ebbasta rating: 9
Without him, we would have fallen asleep. He had started from afar to irritate Malika Ayane, who seemed a bit of a dead cat but, fortunately for us and for the trapper, she has a "rosicona" soul. He understands it, she falls for it. Without their dissing – nothing, yet, compared to those of the past, the two must eat biada to reach the judges of the previous editions – we could have suspected that we had witnessed a replica of one of the worst episodes of the Festivalbar .

P. S .: 9, however, is for "what radio do you listen to, Radio Zeta?", From Oscar, making it part of the Rtl group, the official radio of the broadcast. More beautiful still the greetings to Rtl and Zeta after, sincere as the apologies to China Dolce & Gabbana.

Marracash rating: 8
The best super host so far. It took little, it must be said, given that between the episodes of the final selections and the first two live shows, great names had come to make their homework, like a bored travet. Of course, they could directly make him sing a Strafactor (not bad, we'll talk about it), given the time.

Lorenzo Rinaldi rating: 7
He is more appreciated in his last episode than he has managed to do so far. Between Ramones and a non-indifferent aplomb, he unintentionally lights up the atmosphere, managing to put the public and judges in crisis. He tells him a lot of bad luck to happen against Giordana, who is too virtuous and sweet to be eliminated so soon.

Eugenio rating: 6
It deserves 10 – it puts everyone in agreement and has talent to sell, it's the best so far – but it has to come up with the garra charrua, as Lele Adani would say. So it looks like a cover singer of those who make old circles dance at village sagas. But you get used to it immediately on TV, the substance is there. Now it's up to you to create the character.

Samuel rating: 5
The Subsonica frontman continues to be television soporific, but as an intelligent man and a complete artist he knows what he is doing. It risks “winning” due to the manifest inferiority of its rivals. And because Mara Maionchi has taken a sabbatical year, but remaining live. And even so, when he wakes up, he eats them all. When he wakes up, though.

Mara Maionchi rating: 4
What happens to our undisputed idol? Perhaps, simply, being the most intelligent, prepared and by far one of the best talent judges on the globe, he understood first of all (he said it in the second live episode) that this edition was born badly. "Mosci, we're mosci," he said. And in the end it got infected. She seems happy to be there as a Napoli player at Castel Volturno.

Malika Ayane rating: 3
Ok, it's true, if you didn't take offense, we wouldn't be able to get to the end. But he doesn't hear the television, he can't create empathy with the public, he shows his knowledge, he is too unpleasant to be nice, and vice versa. The impression is that if you really let go, without a net, it would be a bomb. But so, it seems only that of the party that wants to make the brilliant and instead it is only a takeover.

The assignments of the judges rating: 2
There is nothing worse than a judge who assigns the pieces he wants to his boys, instead of meeting their tastes, attitudes, talents. Especially if the latter are rare. So much so that someone like Samuel, who instead sees it, sees his saving himself easy. Sometimes it seems to be up to Friends with the ferocious and resentful homework of Rudy Zerbi. Except that Rudy is pure dynamite compared to the 4 marmittoni.

Booda eroticism rating: 1
Samuel says he listened to Mara's advice on Booda eroticism. Maionchi's face says a lot. What is eroticism for him, for them and especially for her. Now excuse me, but I'm going to look for Mara Maionchi on Tinder.

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