Wolff and doubts about the Ferrari engine …


Wolff and doubts about the Ferrari engine …

What an easy target Ferrari. After the bad result obtained at Great award from States United almost everyone has taken courage. Objective? Tarnish the work of the Italian team as much as possible. Many, too many edgings trimmed to Red rea, until proven otherwise by a "beloved club". Yes, because despite the alleged guilt, and without even a shred of evidence, the "condemnation" of bar talk is in progress. The complaints, which have now turned into "unbearable dirge", seem to have conditioned the general opinion.

The request for clarification on the Italian engine would, according to "the accusers", frightened the Ferrari. To the point of making him take a step back in the hypothetical use of an illegal system. The numbers are wasted. As written 2 days ago they would have been, for English Peter Windsor, even 70 hp less available for the SF90 in the Austin version (take a look here to learn more). This "supposed handicap" would have prevented the power unit Italian to perform as in the last races. "The game" of other stables, not really clean, has angered, not a little, Mattia Binotto. The Swiss is certain. The clarification on the flow meter directive has not, in any respect, influenced the performance of the Red.

Wolff and doubts about the Ferrari engine ...
Toto Wolff, team principal Mercedes AMG

Among the doubters here is the Mercedes. The Austrian manager Toto Wolff, in an interview with web magazine Autorsport, he expressed, without pointing the finger at Stable of Maranello, its own uncertainties in this regard. "If someone was realizing what the technical directive made clear, the game would no doubt be disgusting. Furthermore, the manner in which the technical provision would have been reformulated would not speak of gray areas. On the contrary it would represent a very serious violation of the rules".

The technicians of Brackley, analyzing the information collected during the last round of the world of Formula One 2019, argue that the SF90 behaved in a totally different way. "Checking the data extrapolated from the race of Austin, we found a speed of Ferrari different than the Grand Prix previous", Comments the boss of the Mercedes. Then, with polite doing, he settles the matter elegantly. "Having said that, I do not know if this was caused by the technical directive or another problem, since we cannot know what the Ferrari".

In this respect, in the last two seasonal races the magnifying glass will be focused on the historic Italian team. Despite the "proclamations of innocence" of Binotto and the lack of any proof of "Crime", there SF90 will be subjected to close observation by the opponents. With the large crate of the compliant press.

Author: Alexander Arcari@ BerrageizF1

Photo: Mercedes

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