Winter tires: what the law says


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Except in the Province of Sondrio and in the Valle d'Aosta, where for the Highway Code winter comes a month earlier, from November 15 in many parts of Italy the car must be equipped with anti-slip devices, be they tires or the chains that, let's say it right away, are a valid and less expensive solution for those who don't venture often in mountain areas.

The ordinances (to find out where they are in effect you can consult the websites and should not be underestimated, because if you are not in good standing just follow a road in which the rule is in force to be sanctioned. The fines range from 41 to 168 euros in residential areas and range from 84 to 335 euros on extra-urban roads and highways, you can see yourself being cut 3 points from your driving license and you can't move your car without having fitted the anti-slip devices , in simpler terms, snow tires or chains.

The obligation is generally in force until April 15th and requires the use of tires with measures in line with those shown in the booklet even with a different speed code which, however, must not be less than the letter Q which corresponds to 160 at 'Now. Then you have until mid-May to replace the summer tires if the winter tires have a lower speed code than the one shown on the registration card. If, on the other hand, the code is identical or superior to that indicated on the booklet, it is not necessary to change the tires. In other cases, after May 15th, penalties are incurred starting at € 422.00 and reaching € 1,695.00 and catching on in the collection of the car booklet, which involves the revision at the Land Transport Department.

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