"Winning in Dortmund changed lives, but we have to dispose of them. Give vent? Constructive speech to win"


Without hope, the disappointment for the turnaround in the Champions League in Dortmund, before the break for the National teams, there is a final commitment to be exploited to the full, in the league, tomorrow at 18 against Hellas Verona al Meazza. In this sense, today Antonio Conte is the protagonist at the Suning Training Center of the usual pre-game press conference. FcInterNews.it is on site and reports his words.

How do you deal with a healthy team like Hellas?

"With great attention, knowing that it is a healthy team, that it runs and presses. We will have to be very prepared for this situation. It will not be a simple game and therefore we will have to be good at disposing of the disappointment of Dortmund's defeat which surely can leave some trailing but this is also part of the process of growth and maturity, the fact of disposing of the negative waste that may have left that game ".

Has he come out reassured by the encounter with society?

"Honestly, you saw mine as an outlet, I as a constructive way of trying to figure out where you made some mistakes without pointing out anyone and putting me first in the situation. I was called to change the engine speed and then everything that I do it to improve the situation and to make it clear that we can and must do better because we are Inter. When we are in private the managers are the first to recognize some situations that could be done better at the beginning of the season. I see absolutely no problems with the managers because we have the same thought ".

Are you worried about the injury situation, especially in attack?

"These are all situations that must make us reflect, in an always constructive manner. When you face two such important competitions, it is inevitable that they should be put on a budget. There was a traumatic injury for Politano, Sanchez and D'Ambrosio. "This is why we need to be good at remedying this type of situation. I trust this group of players very much and they are doing extraordinary things in great difficulty. An objective difficulty in this period of seven games in twenty days. On the one hand there is a bit of a concern because the group is reduced, on the other I have great confidence in a group of guys who are giving their soul.They are doing their best and this is a young group with great room for improvement: Lautaro is 22 years old, Stretcher also, Lukaku himself has 26. We are talking about a young group on which something important can be built. Having said that, I want to raise the bar for my part to terminate and not to give alibi. I repeat: we are Inter, we have to compete for important goals and therefore it is right that we raise the bar for everyone because I do it myself. Always in a constructive way. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry for someone but in all there is always a strategy ".

Are there new solutions to have some more offensive elements? How are the injured?

"Alternative ideas at this time are those of bringing a boy from the Primavera in pink between Vergani and Fonseca. I see no other alternatives. But I have great confidence in Lukaku and Lautaro as well as in Esposito. I would have no fear of starting from 1 "We will try to make Fonseca and Vergani grow with us to make up for this period that is depriving us of alternatives. D'Ambrosio has been training with us for a week, he still feels a little annoyed. He broke his finger, the calcification does not happen overnight. We are talking about a player of incredible generosity and great tolerance of pain.We will see what Danilo will say knowing that after the break it could be totally available. Sensi comes from a problem with the adductor, is struggling I tried to manage it better, we see what the situation will be for tomorrow, we will make evaluations, it is inevitable that knowing that after this game there is a stop of fifteen days we will have to make evaluations even biting our lips. One must be cold and intelligent, making the best decision to avoid paying future consequences ".

Lately you have suffered similar goals between them. You seem to suffer when you defend 'low'.

"I can't blame you. For us it is much better when we can stand tall and give pressure. Let's not forget that the team has made over 30 goals, we have collected more than the average. There is work to do and come back to enjoy too for a clean sheet. In this, as I always say, we attack in eleven and even on the defense the issue concerns the whole team. No specific blame can be placed on a sector. The whole team must improve ".

His calls are obvious. Are they also concerned with the growth of the mentality of the environment, a desire not to be satisfied?

"When I talk about a strategy speech I also talk about this. I think I was called to Inter to change something. To change a situation that for nine years saw Inter out of every situation, except for the last two years by Spalletti who did a great job seeing the difficulties I am finding, I was called and I accepted Inter knowing that I would arrive at a difficult historical moment also because those who have been there for a long time are very structured, I speak not only of Juventus. It is inevitable that I bring expectations, I put them on myself but I can't keep them only on myself. All of us have to change laps if we all want to bring Inter back to compete to try to be protagonists. it is done only for the sake of Inter, if I then create difficulties for someone or if I bring someone in revolutions who is not used to working I am sorry but I have been called for this. It can't be done it would become difficult. But I can't distort myself. I ask myself a lot, to those who work with me because we have to go in search of excellence. We cannot be satisfied. I saw that someone played on my name, I can't accept it. We must raise the bar from all points of view. Only united and compact we can change history, otherwise it will always be the same and it will be a shame because it means that we would have lived and I don't like vivacchiare. I can transfer this in the right or wrong way but the concept is this ".

From a tactical point of view, has an explanation been given between the two times in Dortmund?

"I knew what happened in the second half immediately after the game, but I think it was right to talk about other things in the post-game. What we all know is that I don't know if our deficiency or the adversary's skill forced us to defend ourselves and it was very difficult there, but the input was to continue doing what we were doing in the first half, to attack high and take some risks by defending with so many feet behind our backs. I do not know if we did not have all this strength to continue to defend ourselves so high or if it was the opponent's skill.What we are trying to do is stay in the opponent's half and lead the game, also because we realized that when we are in ours we struggle: there is to see if we can take an extra step on a mental level and become even stronger to face storms. When the storm starts we have to be better at staying afloat ".

Are you still confident in the passage of the Champions League round? In the choices, is he still a totally his team?

"For the second I say absolutely yes. I think that the market choices are always made in collaboration with the club, knowing what can and cannot be done. My only recrimination is that when we planned the rose we did not put in I anticipate some situations that might have happened because they had happened in the past. The only regret is this, for the rest I am happy to have this rose and I am even happier to have known them. it is a desire to do it, but at a numerical level we have been superficial and today, unfortunately, we are paying for something in a serene way, we had made some more rotation maybe a few more chances we could have had it, but I repeat, it is part of a path. to accelerate things, not to bypass them, if you want to go all together towards one goal, we must know this and everything is always done for the good of Inter. told the boys that in football, as in life, there are moments and occasions when you have to understand that winning will change your life. Winning in Dortmund meant staying with one foot and a half in the second round and for what we showed there and in Barcelona there must be great regret. I have to be very honest and say that the defeat in Dortmund has changed the passing percentages, that today they are very small, but we also know that the only way we can go is to start winning and hope for some other result ".

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